Tris DeRoma
Los Alamos police said a group of teenagers caused thousands of dollars of damage to the old Black Hole surplus store on Arkansas Avenue.
Black Hole building vandalized

In the course of just two weeks, a group of teenagers have completely destroyed what was left inside of an iconic Los Alamos business.
Damages inside The Black Hole, located on Arkansas Avenue, included the building’s many windows and two highly prized pieces of sculpture, one reported to worth between $8,000 and $10,000, according to police reports.
The Black Hole was part government surplus depot, part art museum, and was known throughout the world.
When it was fully operational, customers could purchase technology and equipment once owned by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as art created by the store’s owner, Ed Grothus.
Grothus was also a peace activist and artist who also once worked at the lab as a machinist and technician. Grothus created works of art to display and sell at The Black Hole, two of which were destroyed by the teens last month.
A few years after his death in 2009, The Black Hole closed its doors, but the sculptures and other items remained behind as Grothus’ family worked to settle his estate and dispose of what was left.
On June 8, the manager of the property filed a report with police about a June 7 incident where kids threw one of Grothus’ sculptures off the roof the building, destroying it.