An employee at the Ark Child Development Center, a ministry of the Los Alamos First United Methodist Church, reported June 25 that money was taken from the center. Sarah Von Sternberg/Monitor
Money taken from local child development center

A longtime bookkeeper at Ark Child Development, a ministry of First United Methodist Church, is suspected of taking some $3,500 from the center, but no charges have been filed.

Los Alamos Police Department Sgt. Monica Salazar-Casias was dispatched to the center on Diamond Drive June 24 to investigate the complaint of stolen money.

Salazar-Casias made contact with the reporting party, who reported that on June 16, an employee had taken money from a teacher’s wallet.

All parties involved in the case asked to remain anonymous.

According to the police report, the reporting employee was aiding another teacher when she said she noticed the suspect employee in a classroom across the hallway go into a
purse and pull out $60.

The witness said she confronted the suspect, who reportedly first denied the accusation, but the witness said she eventually told the suspect that she had seen the suspect remove the money from a purse.

“(The suspect) stated that it was a big temptation and she couldn’t help herself,” according to the police report.
The suspect offered to pay the stolen money back, or more, and begged her accuser not to send her to prison.