Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Pajarito Environmental Education Center Marketing Manager Sandra West arranges the two wooden poles that were stolen and later found from trail sites as part of the new Passport to the Pajarito Plateau program.
Stolen PEEC trail posts found

Pajarito Environmental Education Center’s new trail exploration program has already delivered plenty of adventure for the staff after the mysterious theft of two of its posts.
Nature Center employees were upset to find that someone had pulled out the wooden posts that marked two of the 16 trails included in the program for Passport to the Pajarito Plateau. Hundreds of children and adults have the passports and crayons to make “rubbings” at the post and return them for prizes at the center.
“We were really upset that people could be so mean spirited,” said PEEC Executive Director Katie Watson.
Employees discovered the posts missing at Acid Canyon Loop and Bridges Loop trails Sunday, said Marketing Manager Sandra West.
Staff searched the area Sunday and Monday, and figured the posts would not be far from their original locations because of their size and weight, West said.
Tuesday morning, Watson decided to take her morning run around the Acid Canyon Loop trail area. She located the post not far from where it went missing.
“I decided to look one last place and there it was,” Watson said.
Whoever removed the posts apparently took time to cover their tracks.
“Interesting thing is, with both of them, the original holes were covered up,” West said.