Tris DeRoma
Los Alamos Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Gerry Washburn and his wife, Audrey, a longtime employee in the LAPS transportation department, were honored at a going-away ceremony Thursday at Mountain Elementary School.
Washburn heads to new job in Oregon

It could be said Assistant Superintendent Gerry Washburn is Los Alamos.
He, along with his wife Audrey, raised a family here and ran a small business here. Gerry also worked in the commercial real estate and loans department at the Los Alamos Bank, was the late night shift supervisor at the Los Alamos Detention Center, taught and coached middle school and high school basketball, was a teacher and a principal at Mountain Elementary School, and then became the assistant superintendent and human resources director at Los Alamos Public Schools.
Audrey became the district’s transportation coordinator.
Thursday, just days before the Washburns are set to leave for Oregon, members of the community and the district came out to Mountain Elementary School to thank the Washburns for all they’ve done for Los Alamos and its children.
After more than 30 years of being a part of the community, the Washburns will be leaving for Roseburg, Oregon, where Gerry will start work June 6 as the superintendent of schools.
Recently, Washburn sat down and talked with the Los Alamos Monitor about where he’s been and where he’s going.