Tris DeRoma
Environmental Sustainability Board Staff Liaison Angelica Gurule demonstrates the new, bear-proof trash containers at a July Environmental Sustainability Board meeting. The board will be considering passing an ordinance on to Los Alamos County Council that will impose a fine between $50 and $200 on residents who take their trash cans out too early. Monitor File Photo
Board to mull trash cart fines

The Environmental Sustainability Board will consider an ordinance Thursday that would impose a $50 to $200 fine on residents who put their trash, brush and recycling carts out too early on the day of pickup. 

According to Public Works Director Philo Shelton, the ordinance, which was created by the sustainability board, is designed to discourage people from putting their carts out early. By regulating the garbage set-out times, the board is hoping to discourage bears from coming into neighborhoods and foraging for trash. 

Under the proposed ordinance, residents would also not be allowed to store carts outside. 

“Right now, it’s 5 p.m. prior to the day of collection,” Shelton said. “So what happens is, you leave roll carts out and you leave a whole smorgasbord of trash for bears to get into overnight,” he said. 

Under the new ordinance, residents would put out their carts out between 4:30 a.m. and the time of pickup on trash day.