Presiding Judge Michael Sanchez is explaining the recount procedures to the recount election clerks of Los Alamos County. Pictured from left to right are George Chandler, District Judge Designee, Peggy Pendergast, Recount Election Clerk, Sanchez and Stephen Ciddio, Recount Election Clerk
Clerk's office wraps up land commissioner recount

Los Alamos County Clerk Sharon Stover announced today the final totals for the recount of the state land commissioner race.
The results for the statewide recount for the race, which ended with a separation between Republican Aubrey Dunn and Democrat incumbent Ray Powell of just 704 votes last month, was expected to be presented to the state’s Canvass Board today.
Powell, who lost the November election, but by less than .5 percent of the total of ballots cast in the state, actually pulled out a narrow victory in Los Alamos County. Powell finished with 3,782 votes to Dunn’s 3,743, a difference of just 39 votes.
In the recount, which was ordered by Secretary of State Dianna Duran last week, Powell picked up an extra vote in Los Alamos County, while Dunn picked up an additional two votes.
Stover said the slight differences were due to checking voter intent — some of the ovals on the ballot were not appropriately filled in, but intent was clearly discernable for members of the recount board.
Winning the county, however, didn’t help Powell’s overall numbers in the state. The Secretary of State’s unofficial total, heading into the Canvass Board meeting, was 249,993 for Dunn and 249,337 for Powell.