Tris DeRoma
Los Alamos National Bank has eliminated other positions in recent years, mostly by attrition, in addition to the layoffs, which were announced late last week.
Bank lays off 26 as part of realignment

Los Alamos National Bank CEO John Gulas said the 26 layoffs announced last week were part of the bank’s overall plan for continued financial stability.
“The biggest goal was to make sure we have a sustainable organization,” Gulas said.
The layoffs extended throughout the organization, with customer service being the least affected, and all six of LANB’s branches remain open.
Gulas could not provide an exact figure of how many of those workers worked at the White Rock branch and the main headquarters in Los Alamos, but said due to the fact that the bank’s headquarters were in Los Alamos County, “It would probably be more in Los Alamos County because this is our biggest office.”
Each worker received severance payment and aid in finding employment.
Earlier this year, Gulas also eliminated may positions through attrition. Those included the chief operating officer position and the chief wealth officer position.
“We were very cautious when we were hiring to make sure we were taking this target into consideration. We used a lot of attrition to get where we needed to be,” Gulas said.