John L. Horne sits on the edge of the gazebo built by his late son, Undersheriff John N. Horne, in his backyard. After two years of service Horne is reluctantly leaving Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero’s side to join his family in Missouri.
Serving from the heart

Though the sheriff can no longer afford to pay him, Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Deputy John L. Horne said that was never an issue.

Horne, father of the former Undersheriff John N. Horne, continues to accompany Sheriff Marco Lucero on rounds as a volunteer deputy.

It has been a tough year for Horne. His son died in his sleep unexpectedly June 16 of what Horne thinks was  caused by sleep apnea. 

His son also worked for Lucero as a volunteer, after the Los Alamos County Council slashed the office budget in its quest to shut down the office over concerns about duplication of services.

To the Hornes, It’s was all about loyalty to their friend Lucero and preservation of the office, and nothing else.

“We figured Marco needed the help and we believed in what he was doing,” John L. Horne said.

To John L. Horne, that’s all it continues to be about. Though he misses his son immensely and will soon be to Missouri, he remains focused on the job.

When asked if he still helps Lucero in remembrance of his son, he said it goes beyond all that.

“No, that’s totally separate. My son spoke for himself,” Horne said.