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  • Deadline nears for Gov. Martinez to act on legislation

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — Gov. Susana Martinez isn’t backing down from threats not to sign measures that would increase taxes in New Mexico as the deadline nears for her to take action on a host of bills passed during the recent legislative session.
    Her office on Tuesday reiterated that tax hikes are off the table.
    The political standoff between the two-term Republican governor and the Democrat-controlled Legislature leaves uncertainty about the $6.1 million budget approved during the session that ended March 18.
    The spending plan for public education and other government programs is built upon a package of proposals aimed at plugging a shortfall with roughly $350 million in new taxes and fees on gasoline sales, retail sales over the internet, trucking permits and nonprofit hospital operations.
    Martinez has said the tax increases amount to burdens on working families. But Senate Democrats argue that the budget and new taxes are a reasonable option for pulling the state out of a fiscal crisis stemming a stagnant economy and a downturn in the oil and gas industry that has reduced state revenue.

  • NMSU postpone tuition hike decision

    LAS CRUCES (AP) — New Mexico university regents have voted unanimously to postpone their decision on raising tuition costs.
    New Mexico State University regents had planned to vote Monday on whether the tuition prices would be raised for students who enroll for next fall. The regents say they are postponing the discussion because of the uncertainties in the state's budget even though fall enrollment will begin the next days. New Mexico lawmakers and Gov. Susana Martinez are expected to make a decision on the state budget by Friday.
    School officials had proposed a tuition and fee rate hike of up to 6 percent.
    The faculty, staff and students who attended the Monday meeting had asked the regents for a modest or moderate tuition increase. Even with the additional money from the increase, school officials say they will still need to cut about 100 jobs.

  • Citizens fill Council Chambers Tuesday to speak about immigrant, refugee resolution

    Los Alamos residents have filled Council Chambers tonight as they turned up to speak for and against Pete Sheehey's immigration resolution.

    Los Alamos County Council is expected to consider a resolution Tuesday, taking an official stand against unjust treatment of immigrants and refugees.

    The move is a reaction to President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban refugees from six countries, but at least one councilor fears the timing risks millions in federal funding for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    The resolution calls for all branches of the county government, including local law enforcement, to respect a person’s universal rights to due process and equal protection under the law and that county services “observe the fundamental American value that all people including immigrants and refugees should be treated with respect, justice and compassion.”

    The resolution, sponsored and written by Councilor Pete Sheehey, was in part a reaction to an executive order issued by President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees from six Muslim-majority countries as a strategy against terrorism.

  • LAHS softball games cancelled today

    Los Alamos High School has announced that all softball games have been cancelled today. No makeup date has been set, according to Athletic/Activities Director Ann Stewart.

  • Weather advisory: Snow, but no changes to schedules, events

    Snowfall in Los Alamos County is expected to continue into the early afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Road conditions are fair, but police advise using caution when driving due to visibility and snow conditions. Temperature is currently 30 degrees with light snow.

    Road conditions for afternoon commute are unknown at this time. Los Alamos National Laboratory has not issued any advisories as of 9:30 a.m. Los Alamos Schools are not anticipating any changes to the afternoon bus route schedule or extracurricular activities. All classes at UNM-LA are in session and the school is not anticipating any changes to its activity schedule either.

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  • Police release photo of dogs possibly related to dog attack

    More information has been released about a dog attack that left one dog dead Wednesday on Acoma Lane.

    The Los Alamos Police Department released a photo Monday of two dogs barking at another dog at taken by a witness.

    The dogs in question are the two dogs outside of a fence.

    “The picture was taken by a witness as these dogs roamed near the area where the smaller dog was killed and are believed to be the culprits,” said Commander Preston Ballew.

    If anyone has any information that can help identify the owner or location of these dogs, call LAPD at 662-8222.

    The attack happened at 12:15 p.m. Friday afternoon.

    The person who witnessed the attack was unable to identify the breeds of the dogs, Ballew said.

    “…A witness observed (two) large dogs, one brown and the other black, come into the yard where a smaller dog was,” according to Ballew. “The (two) large dogs killed the smaller dog and left the area.”

    Police and animal control officers searched the area to locate the dogs but were unsuccessful.

    If anyone knows the location or owners of these dogs, they are asked to contact the LAPD at 662-8222.

    Officers are asking the public to use caution. Police do not know if the dogs could be aggressive to humans, Ballew said.

  • ‘Toppers take first home invitational
  • Drought planning: Water shortages expected in N.M.

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  • Bengay to speak April 11

    Davis Bengay, an honorary consul general of Japan for New Mexico, will give a lecture at 7 p.m. April 11 at Fuller Lodge. This is part of the Los Alamos historical Society Lecture Series of 2016-17.
    The talk will be on “Japanese Life in New Mexico.” Before his appointment, Bengay and his wife, Ikuko, held the positions of liaison officers for the Japanese Consulates.
    Bengay earned a degree in International Business Relations from the University of New Mexico and is retired from Sandia National Laboratories. Ikuko Begay is from Hiroshima, Japan. She earned her MBA from UNM and has served as a bridge between Americans and Japanese in New Mexico.

  • Kindergarten Round-Up set for Wednesday

    Parents of incoming students are encouraged to attend the upcoming Kindergarten Round-Up Wednesday at all Los Alamos elementary schools. Children who turn 5 years old by Sept. 1 are eligible to be enrolled in kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year.  
    Kindergarten Round-Up is an important step in the pre-registration process for parents and students alike, as it gives them an idea of what to expect for their first year of elementary school.
    Parents and their children will get the opportunity to meet teachers, principals and other key school personnel.  
    The soon-to-be kindergartners also have the chance to visit a classroom in order to become familiar with the learning environment and the teaching materials used throughout the school year.
    Parents can call the school in which they are zoned for further questions regarding Kindergarten Round-Up.  
    The first day of school is Aug. 17.
    The contact numbers are: Aspen, 663-2275; Barranca Mesa, 663-2730; Chamisa, 663-2470; Mountain, 663-2325; and Piñon, 663-2680.