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  • Smoke From a Not-So-Distant Fire

    Local low spots were filled with smoke during last weekend’s prescribed pile burning. According to Los Alamos Fire Department, more burns are tentatively scheduled for next week and will continue through March.

  • Improvements for recreation up in the air

    In February 2013, the Los Alamos County Council approved six projects that had been through the entire Capital Improvements Project (CIP) process and earned the recommendation of the CIP committee.

  • Today in history Jan. 27
  • Santa Fe pair nabbed in 'Genesis' operation

    Police have made two more arrests in a massive, ongoing drug sweep that is sure to yield more suspects.
    Arrested on Saturday night were two Santa Fe residents, Trevon Yates, 20 and Elizabeth Yates, 52.
    “On Saturday evening we arrested Trevon and Elizabeth Yates on warrants associated with Operation Genesis. Officers and Investigators also recovered suspected heroin and marijuana while effecting the two arrests, more arrests are imminent.” said Commander Preston Ballew, the Los Alamos Police Department’s public information officer.
    Trevon Yates was charged with one count of trafficking a controlled substance and two counts of distribution of a controlled substance. Elizabeth Yates was charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.
    So far, this brings the number of people arrested on various drug arrests to 10. The eight suspects that were arrested Friday were all from Los Alamos.
    Operation Genesis was started in October and was headed up by the LAPD’s Investigations Division.
    So far, police have confiscated an unknown quantity of cash, weapons and drugs from Operation Genesis. The types of drugs confiscated include heroin, cocaine, controlled prescription medications, marijuana, marijuana wax and methamphetamine.

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  • Today in history Jan. 25
  • Solar Tree gets nod from APPB

    On Thursday, the Arts in Public Places Board selected Eric Thelander’s “Solar Tree” as its recommendation for the art piece for the municipal building plaza.
    The 18-foot tree — inspired by fractal geometry — is comprised of three stainless steel branches holding plate aluminum leaves with leave patterns ground into them. The branches will be polished and coated with graffiti resistant paint.
    Hidden solar panels will provide LED lighting to the tree, causing it to cast a soft light and shadows of itself in the evenings.
    The sculpture includes benches at the base of the tree.
    “The ‘Solar Tree’ would communicate to visitors that Los Alamos County is both high tech and in touch with nature and that there is an appreciation of math and science (fractal geometry) and its relationship to the raw creative impulse,” Thelander wrote in his artist’s statement. “The playful nature of this art piece would be tempered by its clean lines and silvery, modern appearance.”
    The board’s selection will have to be approved by the Los Alamos County Council. APPB anticipates that will occur in either April or May.

  • The nuts and bolts of Capital Improvement

    Editor’s note: First in a two-part series.

  • Update 1-25-15

    Phone scam

    Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning to area residents of a scam involving callers claiming they’re from the sheriff’s office trying to settle a warrant with prepaid cards. The sheriff’s office said it never makes any such demands.


    LANL scientist Nate McDowell will give a lecture, “Accelerating Global Vegetative Mortality,” 7 p.m. Thursday at Mesa Public Library.

    Route tracking

    Atomic City Transit announced it is launching the “myStop Mobile” iPhone app and a bus tracker at atomiccitybustracker.availtec.com/infopoint which gives real-time information location of buses.

    County Council

    Los Alamos County Council will meet Tuesday in council chambers. The meeting will start at 7 p.m.

    Aquatic Center

    The Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center is hosting the Los Alamos Aquatomics Winter Meet today. For public lane availability and times, call the aquatic center at 662-8170.

  • Subarctic forest talk is set for Wednesday

    Annika Hofgaard of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research will give a presentation Wednesday at the Research Park.
    The presentation, “Subarctic Forest Advance — Empirical-Based Results vs. Modeled Predictions,” is scheduled for 1 p.m. on the second floor of the Research Park. The presentation will focus on the northward movement of subarctic forests.
    According to research, a larger proportion of the earth’s surface area may become darker and thus absorb more heat and change of this nature could have a major impact on global climate. The assumption is that a warmer climate will cause the forest-tundra ecotone to advance steadily northward. Empirical-based results, however, do not confirm such an assumption outright.
    Hofgaard is a leading figure in the International Arctic vegetation science community. Currently, her main research interests include impacts of changing climate on vegetation, focusing on Arctic ecology at the tree line.