Today's News

  • LAB NOTES: Policy bill backs lab's Roadrunner supercomputer

    The House and Senate have now both approved the FY2008 Defense Authorization Bill, which authorizes funds for New Mexico’s national laboratories and defense installations.Included in the authorization is a plan authored by Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M, to require an independent review of the Department of Energy’s advance computing programs.

  • LAB NOTES: Biosecurity conference wraps up

    An important but relatively minor theme at Los Alamos National Laboratory began a bid for a bigger role this week.

  • You buy a lot more than a Christmas tree

    Delancey Street is a whole way of life to those who had the good fortune – or the guts – to join.They used to live on the streets or behind bars. Now, they’ve moved onto a 17-acre ranch in the San Juan Pueblo. They’ve become craftsmen, caterers, movers, students, teachers and retail experts. They built their 38,000-square-foot house themselves, and take care of all the housekeeping themselves as well, oftentimes after working 12-hour days.No one earns a paycheck for any of this.

  • LASO offers a fine evening of music

    If you missed the fall concert of the Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra, held in November in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, you missed a fine evening.The church is a favorite of performers and audiences alike for its warm surroundings and excellent acoustics. In addition to their accustomed orchestral pieces, we were treated to a rare appearance in town of two of Los Alamos' most celebrated classical music performers, Kay Newnam, violin; and Thomas O’Conner, oboe.

  • Local author becomes finalist in state book awards

    The whole state seemed to have learned a lesson from local author Nancy Bartlit’s “Silent Voices of World War II: When the Sons of the Land of Enchantment Met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun,” and its new knowledge revealed the book should a finalist for the New Mexico Book Awards.Sunstone Press in Santa Fe, which published the book in April 2005, nominated the book for Best New Mexico History Book.The winners were announced during a banquet Nov. 9 in Albuquerque.

  • Thinking Makes It So: The sweatpants do not make the man

    Today is Christmas Lights Day. As readers of my “classic” – that is, outdated –columns know, Christmas Lights Day can also be called, although only silently, my dad’s birthday.My dad looks like a string of lights without the lights. I like to watch him untangle the long strands, skinny legs in green sweatpants lost among the loops.

  • Parents urged not to let guard down

    The terrifying scene of a parent searching frantically for a child lost in a public place happens all too often, and especially during the holidays when crowds are encountered at almost every turn.Authorities are speaking out to advise parents to take appropriate precautions. “Kids wandering off in stores is one of the most common problems at this time of year because of all the excitement of lights, toys and Santa,” Los Alamos Police Det. DeWayne Williams said during an interview Friday.

  • Patrick Metzger launches insurance agency

    There’s a new Farmers Insurance Agency in town at 1910 Deacon St. and it’s owned by Los Alamos native Patrick Metzger. Metzger, 31, is the son of longtime Realtor Jeannette Metzger Thorp with Prudential and Tom Metzger, who co-owned Metzger businesses in town for many years before dying of heart disease in 2001.“I’ve always been in family business growing up and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” Metzger said during an interview Thursday.

  • DWI Super Blitz starts Friday

    This year’s holiday DWI Super Blitz kicks off Dec. 21, continuing through Jan. 6.Lt. Chuck Ney explained in an effort to make Los Alamos County roads safer for holiday travelers, officers from the Los Alamos County Police Department are ready to crack down on drunk drivers.The agency will conduct sobriety checkpoints on heavily traveled roads. They’ll also conduct saturation patrols aimed at detecting and arresting motorists who choose to drive after drinking.“Tragically, alcohol is often a factor in holiday crashes,” Ney said.

  • LANL employees brighten season more than ever

    Santa Claus and his biker helpers gathered at Los Alamos National Laboratory's Community Programs Office (CPO) Thursday to celebrate the end of the lab's annual Holiday Drive. This year, breaking all previous records, more than 1,200 children, seniors and families will have a brighter holiday thanks to the ever increasing generosity of LANL employees and organizations.“Everyone has been so generous, they’ve put the happy back in happy holidays,” CPO Acting Director Johnnie Martinez said as he helped employees load the trucks.