Today's News

  • Running: Klimczuk is the top predictor

    Many runners and walkers were befuddled by this year’s Gravel Pit Grunt Tuesday.

    The Gravel Pit Grunt, a mainstay on the Atomic City Roadrunners’ pace race circuit, was run in reverse this year, which threw off many of the predicted times.

    The race is held near S-Site at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Tomasz Klimczuk was the top predictor at Tuesday’s race, missing his predicted finish time by 25 seconds. Jackie Marr was the next-best predictor at one minute off, followed by Charles Ferenbaugh (1:06 off) and Anya Gonzales (1:14 off).

  • Fried Light: Debt in the saddle rides mankind

    In case nobody noticed, the country has been run on a vast array of debt instruments for quite awhile now.

    It is our common concession to the imperfectability of humans that we can all have a little more than we deserve, a little sooner than we can afford it, perhaps even a lot more of what we could never, ever have afforded.

    National debt, consumer debt, credit card debt, savings and loan debt, hedge-fund debt, mortgages, home-improvement loans and industrial revenue bonds. What ever happened to layaway?

  • Cleanup must not be afterthought

    The cleanup of the land in and around Los Alamos National Laboratory must not be something that eventually gets done.

    It must be a priority.

    And this must start with our delegation in Washington and with the Department of Energy.

    Because of funding issues there is a danger that the agreement between the state and the DOE on a timetable to do the cleanup will not be met. We have to agree with NMED Secretary Ron Curry that that is unacceptable.

  • Cafe season caps off with computer talk

    In its search for food, a slime mold performs a basic computation. It finds the shortest path – and its process is essentially not that different from what a computer does as it finds the shortest path in a labrinth.

    At the latest Café Scientifique talk for teens, held Thursday evening at the Bradbury Science Museum, Computer expert Christof Teuscher of Los Alamos National Laboratory spoke about what computers are – and might be – capable of.

  • GOP elects delegates

    The Republican Party of Los Alamos held its County Quadrennial Convention Wednesday evening in the Trinity on the Hill Parish Hall.

    “We were entitled to select seven delegates and seven alternates to go to the state Republican Party Quadrennial Convention June 14 in Las Cruces,” said longtime Republican leader JoAnn Johnson, who also serves as Los Alamos County Assessor.

    The seven delegates elected Wednesday evening include Johnson, Jeannette Wallace, Steve Stoddard, Barbara Stoddard, Marie Todd, Veronica Rodriguez and Mary Brooks.

  • Gifted grade-school kids zip past their elders

    A story that emerged from the New Mexico Supercomputer Challenge in Los Alamos sent out a definite message to other students in the state.

    A team of fifth-graders from Aspen Elementary entered the statewide competition as long shots against hundreds of high-school and middle-school opponents from all over the state.

    To their thrill and surprise, they won two prizes against a bunch of older students. One was an award for Best HTML. The other was for Forensics and Encryption.

    Now, they are each $50 dollars richer and walking on air.

  • State of the County: Los Alamos here to stay

    Los Alamos used to describe itself as a “temp town, here at the behest of the federal government,” County Administrator Max Baker said Thursday morning. But, he said he hadn’t heard that said in about 10 years.

    “The county and the community has decided we’re here for real,” Baker  said.”We need to take charge of our destiny.”

  • Beltane to celebrate the beginning of life

    Sunday celebrates Beltane, or May Day, the third and last of the ancient Pagan fertility festivals. The first, Imbolc, is the first stirrings of the new season. The second, Ostara, celebrated at the spring equinox, recognizes spring has arrived. In many northern climates it is still too early to plant. Beltane would be the time when northern communities would be getting ready for their planting season.

  • Absentee and early voting begins Tuesday for 2008 Primary Election

    Registered voters can begin casting absentee and early ballots for the June 3 primary election at 8 a.m. Tuesday in the Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office at 2451 Central Avenue, Suite D. The office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Voter registration ends at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

  • David Mayo Peterson

    DAVID MAYO PETERSON, age 59, of Los Alamos, N.M., passed away peacefully on Monday, April 28, 2008, after a three-month battle with cancer. He loved the outdoors and worked as a geologist with the USGS for many years. He was member of the Sportsman’s Club of Los Alamos.