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  • Fingerprint sharing led to deportation

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Records show that about 47,000 people were removed or deported from the U.S. after the Homeland Security Department sifted through 3 million sets of fingerprints taken from bookings at local jails.

    About one-quarter of those kicked out of the country did not have criminal records, according to government data obtained by immigration advocacy groups that filed a lawsuit. The groups plan to release the data Tuesday and provided early copies to The Associated Press.

  • BP setting new definition for ‘weasel’

    From the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: weasel - noun; a sneaky, untrustworthy or insincere person.

    Our airwaves have lately been inundated with spokesmen who have dusted off their “down-home” accents to tell us all about what BP is doing to mitigate the effects of its record-setting deepwater horizon oil spill in the Gulf of New Mexico.

    Their statements are upbeat, rosy, reassuring and utterly fictitious.

    BP is currently engaged in many underhanded activities.

    They are contributing to university oil drilling research centers.

  • Business on the Border

    A recent Business on the Border luncheon in Las Cruces illustrated that the Mesilla Valley has fared better with job generation than both the national average and New Mexico as a whole — though it’s still behind the peak employment growth numbers of the mid-2000s.

    At that luncheon, Christopher Erickson, Ph.D., from New Mexico State University’s College of Business, said that even though the country seems to be emerging from a staggering 20 months of recession, it will probably take about three years to catch up to pre-recession employment levels.

  • 07-27-10 Police beat

    July 15

    2:14 a.m. — Justin Stone, 24, of Los Alamos was arrested after a traffic stop on two District Court warrants. During the traffic stop on Trinity Drive, it was discovered that Stone had the outstanding warrants.

    2:18 a.m. — A 14-year-old Los Alamos girl reported being the subject of harassment after her vehicle had been written on, a tree had been covered in toilet paper and items had been repeatedly placed in her yard.

  • A summer to remember

    Editor’s note: Dana Crooks underwent surgery this summer in North Carolina and is recovering. She wrote this story because she wanted to share her experience.

    During the summer, some people go on vacations in paradise or have family reunions to attend. Some people go on road trips across the country. Some get jobs to earn money for college or that new car they want. Others just want to make the best of it and enjoy the break from textbooks and piles of homework.

  • Breaking News Eight Arrested in Anti-Nuke Protest at LANL

    An anti-nuclear protest at Los Alamos National Laboratory this afternoon led to the arrest of six men and two women.

    A national youth-led network working for nuclear abolition called “Think Outside the Bomb,” began their five-hour event with a vigil at Ashley Pond.

    The group of about 120 people then filed onto the far-right traffic lane of Trinity Drive marching west toward LANL. As traffic bogged down, police arrived in patrol cars and provided an escort of sorts in front, behind and somewhat along side the marchers.

  • Dangerous Ariz. escapees believed to be in Yellowstone area

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — The search for two men who escaped from a private Arizona prison and their suspected accomplice has turned to the vast Yellowstone National Park area after one of the inmates was linked to a double homicide in New Mexico and efforts to find them intensified.

  • Police: 1 of 2 Ariz. escapees captured in Wyoming

    PHOENIX (AP) — Federal agents on Monday captured one of two inmates who escaped from an Arizona prison as he walked, armed with a handgun, outside a Wyoming church, and were still hunting for the other fugitive and a suspected accomplice.

    Convicted killer Tracy Province told authorities he was relieved that the manhunt was over when he was arrested around 6:20 a.m. in Meeteetse, Wyo., about 60 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park, said David Gonzales, the U.S. Marshal for Arizona.

  • Power Outage Update Local Power Outage Surpasses 12 Hour Mark

    Electric line crews continue to investigate a power outage at the East Gate commercial area, which began in 3 a.m. today.

    The Department of Public Utilities estimates that the outage is affecting 15-20 business suites.

    Crewmen have the underground fault isolated to within 800 to 1,000 feet of line, but this afternoon's rain is a hindrance, DPU said, adding that it's currently unable to estimate when power will be restored.

    Check back for updates.

  • Power Outage Update Linemen Locate Power Fault

    Department of Public Utilities crews have located the cause of the power outage in the East Gate commercial area that began at 3 a.m. today.

    The fault was discovered in an aged cable buried underground and is expected to be restored by 8 p.m. today, according to the DPU.

    Check back for updates.