Today's News

  • Dancing into the spring season

    Students of Dance Arts Los Alamos will present their annual Spring Recital at 7 p.m. Saturday at Duane Smith Auditorium. The show will include ballet, modern dance, tap, hip-hop, musical theater and Scottish Highland, and will showcase the choreography of seven DALA instructors. Admission is free.

  • Stop the bullying Focus on the good, positive qualities in people

    This week we look at Asset #12, School Boundaries. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when school provides clear rules and consequences.”

    As the school year ends, the administration is beginning to create a singular path to bullying prevention, as part of a state mandate.

  • Lott takes helm at Bandelier National Monument

    Already on the job for 10 days, Jason Lott is now officially recognized as Bandelier National Monument’s new superintendent.

    “Superintendents are charged with a public trust responsibility to faithfully protect, preserve and most certainly provide for the public’s access and enjoyment of their parks,” Acting Regional Director Laura Joss of the Intermountain Region of the Park Service told the crowd gathered at Bandelier for the installation ceremony Wednesday morning.

  • Behind the fence: Manhattan Project sites

    Many of the sites associated with the Manhattan Project from World War II are centered on Ashley Pond, but dozens more are scattered around the laboratory’s grounds, hidden from the public view. In observance of New Mexico Heritage Month, Ellen McGehee of the Ecology and Air Quality group at Los Alamos National Laboratory gave a presentation Wednesday at the Bradbury Science Museum on the hidden historical sites behind the fence.

  • Romero Cabin will rise again

    Los Alamos Historical Society is in the midst of disassembling the Romero Cabin in the Historic District near Fuller Lodge.

    In order to replace logs that have rotted, much of the building will have to be taken apart and then reassembled.

  • FBI launches latest suite of social media tools

    The FBI has rolled out a number of new web initiatives during the last few years. These initiatives include an e-mail alert service, syndicated news feeds and a series of podcasts and widgets that make it easier for the public to assist them in tracking down wanted fugitives and missing children, to submit tips on terrorism and crime and to get the latest FBI news and information.

    The Los Alamos Police Department is open to the idea of embracing the latest technological advances as well in its crime solving and prevention pursuits.

  • New mother wins the 50-mile Jemez run

    Darcy Africa delivered at the Jemez Mountain Runs May 16, just three months after a delivery of a completely different sort.

    Africa, from Boulder, Colo., was the women's overall winner at the Jemez Mountain Run's 50-mile event.

    The Jemez Mountain Runs, which started and ended on North Mesa and traversed the local mountainous terrain, attracted more than 400 runners in three events. The long race, totaling out at 50 miles, is considered by more than some competitors to be the toughest race in the country, going over three mountains measured at more than 10,000 feet.

  • An especailly good time to remember our fallen heroes

    Monday is Memorial Day. But it should be so much more than a day off from work to picnic with the family and kick-off the summer season. It continues to carry an even greater meaning during a time of war like we are now experiencing.

    A sizable number of American soldiers have died in service to their country in the Middle East. And agree or disagree with the actions, do not blame the men and women who are serving and especially those who have died for us.

  • Getting warmed up for fundraising

    After the success of the first run, Atomic City Circuit Riders are warming up for another fundraiser effort for the Los Alamos Relay for Life.

    The team, which is from the First United Methodist Church, will hold a musical revue and barbecue dinner at 5:30 p.m. May 31 at the church’s Fellowship Hall.

    Discipleship Coordinator Ann LePage said, members of the congregation will take the stage.

    “We have volunteers come and perform something of their choice,” she said.

    All types of music will be represented, including Cajun music.

  • There’s a word for everything

    People adept at Scrabble use some pretty strange words.  My wife’s vocabulary is “slightly” better than mine and when we are Scrabbling, I might play a word like “rock” and then she’ll play one like “ozaena.”

    I’ll challenge her play, claiming that such a word doesn’t exist. She shrugs and tells me that it means having a fetid discharge from the nostrils. That’s usually more than I want to know and so I won’t bother asking her what fetid means.