Today's News

  • District Speech contest winners announced

    Los Alamos Public Schools announce the winners of the District Speech Contest, held April 13 at Piñon Elementary.
    The event, run by Piñon teacher Rose Martin, hosted two finalists from each of the five elementary schools. Each school had their own speech contest during spring, with students competing in either the Serious or Humorous category. School winners advanced to the District Contest to compete with four other contestants in each category.
    Laura Partin of Chamisa Elementary placed first in the Serious category for her speech, an excerpt from “Good Masters, Sweet Ladies” by Laura Amy Schlitz.

  • Family YMCA offers Red Cross infant/child CPR course May 14

    The Family YMCA is taking registrations for the May 14 session of its American Red Cross Infant/Child Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation certification course.
    The course, taught by an American Red Cross certified instructor,  provides training on how to respond to emergency  situations,  recognize the signs of a heart attack and provide care for an infant or child who stops breathing, is choking, or whose heart stops beating. Participants who complete the course will receive American Red Cross certification.
    The next class will be from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. May 14.  Cost is $40 for YMCA members and $60 for program members, with a maximum of 12 participants.  Pre-registration is required.

  • Students Head to Science Fair

    Alex Kendrick, Julia Murphy and Ryan Erickson will attempt to reach the pinnacle when it comes to science fairs.
    The three Los Alamos High School students, who are the grand award winners, will travel to Los Angeles this weekend for the International Science and Engineering Fair.
    Kendrick, a senior, will attend Harvey Mudd College in Clairmont, Calif., in the fall. His project was called, “Electromagnetic Detection of Aquifers.”
    Kendrick played soccer and took part in the symphonic orchestra, as well.
    During his sophomore year, Kendrick won the grand award and last year, he placed third.
    Here is a description of Kendrick’s project:

  • Snarky sister ‘happy’ to be a bridesmaid

    A letter from Meredith, the bride’s sister.

    Dear Miss Perfect Bride,

    Thank you ever so much for sending me an invitation to your wedding. Walking up the stairs to my room would have been so hard for you, considering you’ve never had to do anything before in your life. Well, thanks for taking the time to put a stamp on an envelope!
    I was so surprised to hear of your engagement. I had completely forgotten about it, even though you’ve managed to mention it about four million times since yesterday. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  • PEEC meeting to discuss Family Nature Clubs

    An organizational meeting for parents interested in starting informal family nature clubs will be  at 7 p.m. May 11 at Pajarito Environmental Education Center, 3540 Orange St.

  • Poetry Corner 05-08-11

    The Artist:
    A Form Poem

    I created her from nothing:
    A heap of empty leaves.
    I planned her night and morning;
    Of notes, I wrote out sheaves.

    An outline on the anvil:
    That rough, imperfect start.
    I planned her night and day, until
    She nearly broke my heart.

    At last I planned her just so;
    Every detail written right.
    I heated the ore ‘til it gave a glow;
    Beginning was in sight.

    I pulled the lump of shining ore;  
    The pen unleashed my mind.
    Useless slag pooled on the floor;
    Bad ideas left behind.

    I took a hammer in my hand;
    Pen in my firm grasp.

  • Mastering the art of closet feng shui

    Last weekend, I jumped into some spring cleaning action and cleaned out my closet. Mind you, with a closet as full as mine, it took about two hours, which is a new record for me. I mainly cleaned up my closet, but cleaning it out is something completely different and much more tedious.
    When cleaning out your closet, you should be meticulous. Start off with getting two plastic trash bags, two relatively large totes and a large duffel bag. You must look at every single item in your closet and try it on if you are not sure about it, before you decide what stays and what goes.
    If the article of clothing has reached the end of its lifetime and cannot be saved, put it in the first trash bag to be thrown away.

  • Helping the community naturally

    Many people have heard of the Los Alamos High School Natural helpers, yet few know the role that they play among the student body and in the community.
    The Natural Helpers of Los Alamos High School are students whom others “naturally” trust for advice on personal matters.
    They are chosen at the beginning of each year through a survey allowing students to write down the peers that they confide in most. If a student receives at least five recommendations, they are invited to join NH.
    The group then goes on a retreat to learn more about helping others. This year’s LAHS Natural Helpers’ retreat was in late November.

  • What’s old seems new again

    Without actually debating the issue head on, the concept of federalism is back as a central focus of American political debates.
    Federalism, at least as conceived by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, meant that the central government in Washington had a few, strictly-limited powers, but that an overwhelming majority of what was to be done was to be left to the states and people.
    The belief that Washington’s powers were few and limited was so important to the Founders that two separate amendments essentially re-stated this.

  • Abdominal pain in kids is common

    Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints among school aged kids, whether it comes to the doctor’s attention or not. It is estimated in the U.S. to account for 5 percent of all unscheduled pediatrician office visits.
    It is somewhat more common in girls, kids aged 4-6 and early adolescence and children of single parents.
    In addressing this issue, it is helpful to classify the pain as chronic or acute. By definition, chronic abdominal pain means three or more episodes of abdominal pain over a three month period. In clinically practical terms, pain that lasts more than one to two months can also be classified as chronic.