Today's News

  • Environmental Management nominee started here

    President Obama’s nomination for Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management at the Department of Energy is a familiar name in New Mexico.

    Ines Triay was one of several nominations to key administration posts announced on Friday.

    Triay has served in an acting capacity in the position for which she was nominated since November 2008. Before she went to work for the Department of Energy, she spent 14 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she began as a postdoc and eventually assumed a leadership role in waste management.

  • Police make armed robbery arrests

    Los Alamos Police report that what appeared to be a straight-forward armed robbery at Mountainair Cleaners in November was apparently an inside job and a conspiracy to steal money to buy drugs.

    Working together, LAPD patrol officers, detectives, residents and the District Attorney’s office have arrested, or are in the process of arresting, five people believed to be involved, including the clerk who posed as the victim.

  • A story about hope

    Mental institutions do not seem to be popular locations for inspiring hope, especially not the one featured in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Medication, group therapy and alienation from the outside world are emphasized in the fictional institution. There is not much room for anything else so the patients become prisoners in a hopeless situation. That is, until a newcomer is admitted.

  • Six Monkeys: A visitor from another folder

    Today, we are quite excited to scratch our armpits and other body parts in front of Ed Bonelli, who is visiting from a different folder in the computer we live in when we’re not in the newspaper.

    Ed is a character in a new, unpublished play. He doesn’t do much in the play, other than occupy a living room, and as far as we can tell, he doesn’t do anything outside of it. However, we like his company, if only because we’re sick of each others’, and we like pestering him with questions.

    Monkeys: Ed, why don’t you tell us about the play?

  • The fabulous 50s’ returns

    One of the most intergenerational events happens Saturday with the annual Fabulous 50s’ Family Sock Hop from Los Alamos Family Council.

    The rooty toot toot, root beer floating, burger – and fries – benefit will aid the Family Council and the Youth Activity Center programs for the next year and benefit everyone from youth to seniors.

  • Gymnastics: Sutherland wins level 5 age division state title

    Allie Sutherland earned a state championship title for the Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers at the New Mexico State Championship level 5-6 meet.

    The Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers Level 4-6 gymnasts competed in the New Mexico State Championships in late February and early March.

    G-Force Gymnastics of Albuquerque hosted the Level 4 State meet the weekend of Feb. 28-March 1 and Precision Gymnastics of Albuquerque hosted the Level 5 and 6 state meets March 7-8.

  • Golf: Fees to increase at LAGC

    Golf enthusiasts will soon pay just a little more if they intend to use the Los Alamos County golf course.

    During Tuesday night’s county council meeting held in White Rock, council approved golf course fee increases for the 2009-2010 season, which were sponsored by Community Services Director Stephani Johnson and Recreation Division Manager Randy Smith.

    Councilors Ralph Phelps and Sharon Stover were not present for the weekly meeting.

  • Softball: LA tournament starts with Toppers, Tigers Friday

    The Los Alamos Softball Tournament starts bright and early Friday morning in White Rock.

    The two-day tournament, hosted by the Los Alamos Hilltopper softball team, includes five teams playing in round-robin format. The tournament continues through Saturday.

    Los Alamos will open the tournament at 8:30 a.m. Friday when it faces Taos’ Tigers. Taos (0-3) is Los Alamos District 2AAAA rival.

  • Senate considers tax increase to fund schools

    Education surtax bill 346 cleared the House and is headed to the Senate with a week left in the legislative session.

    The bill proposes to raise taxes by nearly $400 million a year to finance public school improvements. It will increase the gross receipts tax by three-quarters of a cent.

    For a $100 purchase, the tax would go up 75 cents if the bill is enacted.

    Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Sandoval counties addressed the proposed measure this morning.

  • REDI plan outlined during council meeting

    Tuesday night’s county council meeting was not your typical meeting. County councilors dealt with a light agenda during the session at the White Rock Town Hall. In addition, they met in closed session prior to the 7 p.m. meeting and following the meeting, in order to discuss the acquisition or disposal of real property.

    Council was also missing two members, as Ralph Phelps and Sharon Stover were absent.