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  • Eco Station open for business

    Dirty, slimy, smelly garbage is often the image drummed up when the word landfill comes to mind.

    The Los Alamos County landfill was no different than what one might have imagined a landfill to be. However, Los Alamos County was looking for a cleaner way to get rid of garbage and found it in the idea of an Eco Station.

  • Trinity Drive may need fixing

    Dear Editor,

    If Victor Gavron (“Road is not broken,” Tuesday, March 12) attended the meeting he talks about, he must have been interested to observe that the vast majority of the roughly 80 attendees indicated by their votes that they think Trinity is indeed broken and needs fixing.

  • We need nuclear power

    Dear Editor,

    Kudos to you for reprinting the Trever editorial cartoon in Wednesday’s Monitor!

    Trever cleverly exposed the hypocrisy of President Obama claiming to take politics out of science by lifting the ban on embryonic stem cell research and at the same time stopping funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear power plant waste disposal site. The nuclear power option must be maintained to combat global warming!

    Morris B. Pongratz

    Los Alamos

  • Ready for bartering?

    Dear Editor,

    When street thugs, as well as robber-barons (in the state-sponsored bailed-out banking industry and in state-sponsored bailed-out moneyfacturing enterprises, and yes, I do mean “moneyfacturing”) usurp and hoard ill-gotten and obscene treasures– the obvious remedy is to devaluate their dollars (and ours) to zero.

  • A new way of making supper

    I take a personal interest in pickup trucks that can shut down half their cylinders to get better gas mileage when conditions permit. And I’ve studied the mechanics of hybrid cars that save braking energy to help power your vehicle a bit later in your journey.

    Efficiency fascinates me.

    But the efficiency of engines, as important as it is, pales in global significance to the basic efficiency of one piece of the living world.

  • The Physics Van to roll into Los Alamos Thursday

    Los Alamos alumni always come back to show how they’ve turned out and this week, Aspen Elementary School graduate Richard C. Korzekwa will do just that.

    Korzekwa is here at the request of friend and fellow teacher Brittney Newman. With the help of the Bradbury Science Museum, he is visiting Aspen Elementary School, the Jemez Pueblo and Chamisa Elementary School in the Physics Van.

  • Baseball: LA returns home to face Pojoaque

    After three straight weekends at tournaments, the Los Alamos Hilltopper baseball team will be back at home this afternoon.

    Los Alamos will host Pojoaque in a nondistrict game today at Bomber Field. That game is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

    The Hilltoppers (3-8) have finished seventh in all three of their season tournaments, including last weekend’s Aztec Invitational.

    Los Alamos lost its first two games of the tournament to Farmington 12-2, and Piedra Vista 8-0, before coming back to beat Aztec’s Tigers 20-9.

  • Sports update

    Today’s softball game canceled

    Today’s softball game between Santa Fe and Los Alamos, which was scheduled for 4 p.m. at Santa Fe High, has been canceled.

    Santa Fe scheduled two games to be played today and will keep its game against Capital.

    Los Alamos’ next scheduled game is its District 2AAAA opener April 1 against Taos.

    Atomic City Roadrunners start pace race season April 7

    The Atomic City Roadrunners will open the 2009 pace race season April 7.

  • ANALYSIS Opening round: Nuclear Facility enters the gauntlet

    As a key Congressional committee met to discuss next year’s budget for the nuclear weapons complex, a high priority project for Los Alamos National Laboratory was one of several big ticket items that shared the spotlight.


    LANL has a demonstrable need to get out of its obsolete, circa 1952, Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (CMR) facility and wants to relocate its capabilities to a brand new Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR).


  • 2009 Legislature ends, special session looms

    SANTA FE – Some loose ends remain following this year’s legislative session, which officially drew to an end at noon Saturday.

    Lawmakers passed more than 140 bills in 60 days. The governor signed 22 bills into law. He vetoed one – SB 167 Pre-Kindergarten Program Distribution – and has until April 10 to sign dozens more sitting on his desk.

    Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-Los Alamos, sponsored HB 70 Safer Cigarette & Firefighter Protection Act, which successfully passed the Senate Friday evening.