Today's News

  • Council awards contract

    After departing last week from their long-term plan of using Boyer Co. exclusively for developing Trinity Site, Los Alamos County Council returned to its script for demolishing it. By packaging the demolition of Trinity Site with that of the Los Alamos Apartments, they also save a bundle over previous estimates.

    In keeping with the plan, council voted 5-1 to award a bid made by Coronado Wrecking and Salvage Co. to tear down four of the five Los Alamos apartments and all but one of the remaining buildings on Trinity site.

  • Local priest falls victim to hacker

    Last week a local priest was the victim of an e-mail fraud crime that almost cost him and his closest friends thousands of dollars.  

    Ronald Hennies (Fr. John) first found out that someone had hacked into his Gmail account on Monday morning when his granddaughter called him from college. Fr. John said, “She asked me where I was and I said, ‘in bed’. She said, ‘where?’ and I said ‘Los Alamos.’”

  • Attorneys focus on vehicle evidence

    In District Court Tuesday, Deputy Fire Chief Juan Pacheco testified he was the incident commander at a crash scene in Overlook Park on Dec. 4, 2005.

    Thomas Edward Granich, 32, was found dead at the bottom of the canyon that Sunday morning and his wife Penny, now 35, is being charged.

    Pacheco detailed a number of articles he collected at the scene and turned over to police.

  • It’s more than just a workplace

    The workplace can be more than the cubicle you sit at for eight hours a day.

    It can mean more than the coffee pot that burns coffee or the ‘to-do’ basket that never empties.

    Co-workers  can become a second family.

    They rejoice for your successes and when trouble arrives, these non-blood family members have your back.

    For instance, when Los Alamos National Bank employee Bianca Archuleta’s son, Alejandro, 4, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, her co-workers sprang into action.

  • Putting Assets into Action: Your commitment to learning exists in a variety of ways

    This week we look at Asset #24, Bonding to School and Assets #25, Reading for Pleasure. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when the young person cares about his or her school.”

    Your child’s relationship to the school may be directly affected by your relationship with the school. While you may have some frustrations, try not to vent them in front of your child.

    If you constantly seem annoyed by something, you may be adding to their anxiety about school on a daily basis.

  • Lawyers question crash reconstruction methods on day one of Granich Trial

    The State v. Penny Granich trial got underway today in First District Court in Santa Fe.    

    Read the full story in Tuesday's Los Alamos Monitor.

  • Mixing high-tech with a personal touch

    A unique program requires a unique approach. UNM-Los Alamos Applied Technologies Program Coordinator Dr. Irina Alvestad spearheads  a program that combines high tech knowledge with hands on skills. She is involved in every aspect of new associate degree program that rolled out this fall with a cohort of 14 students.

    The program is the only one of its kind in Northern New Mexico. Alvestad handles everything from curriculum development to advisement.

  • Forget the bus! Students encouraged to walk to school

    On Wednesday, expect to see more cars in driveways. School buses may be emptier and the sidewalks should be crowded with students and school staff.

    More than 60 schools throughout the state are participating in Walk and Roll to School Day on Wednesday.

    Among those schools will be Aspen Elementary School and Piñon Elementary School.

    These two institutions are encouraging students to forgo vehicular transportation and walk, ride a bike, push a scooter or roller skate to school.

  • LA’s Kirk gives nod to UNM

    Los Alamos High School’s celebrated big man, Alex Kirk, has decided to play his collegiate basketball close to home.

    Kirk, the 6-foot-11 star center for the Hilltoppers’ boys basketball team has verbally committed to the University of New Mexico, according to news reports today.

    Greg Remington of the UNM athletic division said this morning, “We can’t comment about that. The early signing period is a month away, Nov. 11-18. Only after he signs and our rules people have determined that it is valid, can we confirm that.”

  • Cross country: LA boys, girls win Saturday at SFIS

    The Los Alamos boys and girls cross country clubs both scored their first team wins of the season at Saturday’s Santa Fe Indian School Invitational.

    Saturday’s race was held in and around the SFIS campus with 20 teams, mostly from the northern New Mexico area, in attendance.