Today's News

  • Committee reviews submittals

    Member of the municipal building siting steering committee met for the second time Thursday night at the community building.

    Because it was the first committee meeting, Community Development Director Rick Bohn led the last meeting held on June 4 at the county annex. During that meeting, Bohn told attendees that they would choose the chair and vice chair at the June 18 meeting.

    Bohn started the Thursday night meeting by giving the committee some practical guidelines by which to abide.

  • Community salutes esteemed fire chief

    Los Alamos won’t feel quite the same without the man known affectionately as “Chief Mac” leading its fire department.

    Douglas MacDonald has spent the last 17 of his 35-year fire service career at the helm of the Los Alamos Fire Department. He has proved a solid leader and source of pride to this community and is leaving a proud legacy behind as he prepares to retire in early July.

    Family pride

    MacDonald’s sons are two of his biggest fans.

  • Give that ticket to ride!

    Well, it’s official. New Mexico’s multimillion-dollar spaceport is moving ahead toward construction in the southern desert, a big step for commercial space development and tourists who will suit up for $200,000 suborbital flights.

    Put me down for one of those. What a bargain.

    Of course, this belies the fact that the high price of a ticket killed the Concord. But we’re sure that there will be hundreds of folks ready to put down a couple of hundred grand to liftoff.

  • Fix the problem

    The council’s action in granting some staff a bonus - or pay allowance or what you want to call it - is cause for pause.

    This seems to us to be the wrong solution to the problem and we have to agree with Robert Gibson who voted against the idea.

    Even the chair, Michael Wheeler, is quoted in voicing concerns, altough he voted for the plan.

    As best as we can understand this, it seems that when the council approved its recent budget it did so failing to take into account a group of employees who have hit the top of their pay scale and can’t get a raise.

  • LACA introduces a musical stimulus

    For the 2009-2010 concert season, the Los Alamos Concert Association presents a Musical Stimulus package, consisting of a season of acclaimed artists, and including reduced prices on pairs of tickets and an extended early-purchase deadline.  

    The Musical Stimulus package is designed to encourage everyone who loves music to come, relax and enjoy the concerts.

    The 2009-2010 season opens on Sept. 26, with a performance by TAGI, the clarinet, violin, cello and piano quartet.  

  • Put on shoes, pitch a tent, it’s time for a relay

    Dr. Gordy Klatt had seen many cancer patients when he decided to assist them in other ways besides as a physician. Klatt resolved to run on a track for 24 hours and for a donation, his friends could join him. With this decision, the Relay for Life was born. In its first year, the relay generated $25,000 for the American Cancer Society. In its second year, teams were formed and $33,000 was raised.

    Now, 25 years later, the event has grown to practically every state in the U.S. and raised around $3 billion for the Cancer Society.

  • Letting the story take control

    James Doss had a vision for his book but the story quickly assumed control.

    Doss said he wanted the story to be set in Colorado but did not intend for it to be focused on Native Americans. The book, however, had other ideas.

    Thirteen books later, the fictional Colorado town still exists but Charlie Moon and his aunt Daisy have taken things over.

    The Moon mysteries are set on a Ute Indian reservation and features Moon, a police detective, his aunt Daisy Perika, a Native American shaman and Scott Paris, another detective on the force.

  • Follow your own expectations

    This week we take a look at Asset #15, High Expectations. According to the Search Institute, youth are more likely to grow up healthy when their parents have high expectations.

    This Asset scares me a bit because sometimes we can become so data driven that we can’t see a good result as a result of being too focused on the number.

    There are so many things that create a successful life that we need to be mindful of all the potential held by each and every child.

  • Baseball: Tigers outlast Cubs in county tournament game

    With rains falling on and off Saturday, the White Rock Tigers wanted to score as many runs as possible early.

    And with some heads-up baserunning and timely hitting in the first and third innings, the Tigers were able to do just that.

    The White Rock Tigers, the top-seeded team in the Los Alamos County Majors Little League Tournament, scored three runs in the top of the first and two more in the top of the third to knock off the Los Alamos Cubs 8-3 at Byers Field.

  • A sappy message on Father’s Day...

    Permit me one hokey moment, would you?

    While checking out the big, juicy steaks I’ve got in the refrigerator Saturday afternoon, no less than one of which will be sitting in my lower intestine sometime today, I got to thinking about Father’s Day.

    Father’s Day has always been kind of an afterthought as holidays go. Few people I know circle their calendars, call up their local caterers and make sure Dad had a day never to forget.