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    Sharon Lynn Gilbert Rokowski, 48, who grew up in Los Alamos, passed away Saturday, September 27th, in Tome, NM. Born September 6, 1960, in Albuquerque, Sharon’s family moved to Los Alamos in l970.

    She graduated from LAHS in l978, went on to become a Respiratory Therapist and worked for many years at the University of Colorado Medical Center. She loved skiing and was a member of the Los Alamos Ski Patrol in high school.

  • Failure of national government beyond words

    End to uncertainly is certainly needed.

    We would hope that those who are supposed to be in the know – you know, our leaders – would understand the critical importance of Los Alamos National Laboratory to this nation’s security and future and stop playing political football with it.

    But such rational thought seems far beyond those in national government. At that is tragic.

    So this fantastic institution continues to limp along and we all here – not just in Los Alamos but also in northern New Mexico – suffer.

  • Lots of good news about our local youth, community

    You hear lots of good things about our school district, and much of what you hear is justified.

    Our students are top-notch and go on to prestigious universities and careers. And you don’t have to look far for validation of that point.

    The medical school at the University of New Mexico has about 300 students from all over the world. Did you know that almost 5 percent of that student body is comprised of Los Alamos students? And they do very well.

    David Bear, associate dean of admissions for the medical school, had nothing but praise for our youth.

  • Beam solves the 'case of the gold'

    Several valuable nuggets have been locked in a safe every night at Los Alamos National Laboratory lately, and that isn’t a reference to weapons codes or nuclear secrets.

    A New Mexico State University neutron physicist working with a geologist from Ohio has kept some precious pieces of raw gold in the vault at the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center.

    That’s where they are secured when Heinz Nakotte is not actually peering inside one or another to see how it’s made.

  • Los Alamos boasts first Energy Star certified home

    The green-built home at 520 Camino Cereza in North Mesa is a whopping 40 percent more energy efficient than a conventional home of equal-size built today and it costs just 5 percent more.

    The $375,000 home, built by local developer Stan Primak of Primak Builders Inc., was completed last month and is the first certified “Energy Star” rated home in Los Alamos County.

  • Feds back transportation planning for Valles Caldera

    Feds back transportation planning for Valles Caldera

    Monitor Staff Report

  • Local author publishes book

    If Los Alamos writer Kendal Fortson’s book, “ Brother to Jackals,” was a song, it would be a cannon; and if it was a shape, it would be a Mbius strip.

    It appears Fortson has not been timid in his literary debut, he charged right in. The book, he said, is about “sex, drugs and existential dilemmas.”

    Pour Yorick Publishing, a New Mexico publishing company, released “Brother to Jackals,” this month.

  • Reporting on Ernie Pyle

    The famous war correspondent Ernie Pyle grew up in Indiana but moved with his wife to New Mexico in the 1940s, just before World War II started. They made their home in Albuquerque and even though Pyle traveled to provide first-hand accounts of the war, he would make trips to New Mexico.

    Eventually, Pyle’s New Mexico home would be transformed into the Ernie Pyle Library, which is how Richard Melzer became introduced to this war correspondent.

  • Offering hope and help to the community

    The Hope Pregnancy Center has had a busy year.

    “We’ve expanded our hours from 10 to 24 ee we’re also going to expand our office space in a new location (at the end of the month) to accommodate more clients,” executive director Sarah Taylor said. “We’ve hired a new client service administrator who oversees our in-house operation.”

    But there is much more on the pregnancy center’s to-do list and to accomplish more, it needs the community’s help.

  • Spreading peace through music

    Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl would have been 41 years old Friday. But rather than brooding over Pearl’s murder by terrorists, the world is celebrating his life through music and Los Alamos is joining in the festivities.

    The Los Alamos Community Winds, featuring Lesley Olsher, will host a concert at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

    The Los Alamos chapter of Hadassah is promoting the event.