Today's News

  • When the horn blows

    Dear Editor,

    What is with these people that blow their horns in a parking lot when nobody is in the vehicle?

    Don’t they realize it is not only unnecessary but rude and annoying?

    Don’t we have enough noise in our lives without people blowing their horns just to lock their doors?

    Why can’t they be considerate enough to look in their vehicle owners manual and learn how to turn that irritating horn feature off?

  • The blessings of cancer

    No I haven’t been drinking!

    Trust me, the great Lance Armstrong said it in his book, “It’s Not About the Bike.” Cancer survivors are the lucky ones, because dying from cancer sucks, right?

    Hang on, there must be more to it than that.

  • County to tackle gopher problem

    Some furry, and seemingly unwanted, tenants have inhabited the ball fields around Los Alamos and now officials are holding a meeting to discuss how they should be eradicated.

    Gophers have taken up residence in ball fields, posing a danger to those who use the fields, officials report. Not only is it possible for users to trip and fall because of gopher holes, but also the possibility of contracting a disease, such as plague, from infected gophers is also possible.

  • Police Beat Through May 26

    Police Beat items are compiled from public information contained in Los Alamos Police Department Records. Charges or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt.

    May 21

    8:30 p.m. – Pamela Maddox, 51, of Los Alamos was stopped for speeding and arrested on an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction.

    10:20 p.m. – Tyler Schultz, 18, of Los Alamos was stopped for speeding and arrested on Arkansas Street and charged with buying, selling, giving alcohol to a minor.

  • Caldera audits square old accounts

    When Congress established the Valles Caldera National Preserve in 2000 as an independent government agency, it probably didn’t mean that their creation would be financially unaccountable during its first nine years.


    But one thing led to another and nine years later the governing board of trustees has finally completed audits for a period of three of those years, from 2004-2007.


  • LAHS Athletics: Reagor, Chitanvis named top athletes

    A pair of soccer standouts were given the highest student-athlete honors at Los Alamos High School’s Athletic Awards Ceremony.

    Jason Reagor and Maneesha Chitanvis were given the Leon Clendenen Award for the 2008-09 school year, the highest award bestowed by the school to its student-athletes.

  • Time for some musical romance

    Romance can appear in many different forms. There’s the romance of getting a second chance to play a particular piece of music, the sentiment felt for a composer’s last work and the endearment of performing with a friend.

    All these forms of romance will be present during the upcoming Los Alamos Arts Council’s Brown Bag show. The music begins at 12:30 p.m. June 3 at Fuller Lodge and will feature violinist Kay Newnam of Los Alamos and pianist Sergio Rodriguez of Santa  Fe.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: The lessons from Obama’s Rio Rancho visitee^

    Until last week I had never met public figures or celebrities, although years ago I watched Scott Hamilton walk out of an ice rink in Littleton, Colo.

  • Designing a sustainable life

    John Ehrenfeld’s experience as a professor of engineering, product design and philosophy at MIT ensure that his book, “Sustainability by Design,” is the most impeccable, rigorous, scientifically and philosophically based contribution toward comprehending and possibly achieving sustainability on this planet that I have ever encountered.

    In the early chapters he educates his readers about the easily recognizable global material and energy imbalances that currently prevent this from happening.

  • A kaleidoscope of music to be offered Friday

    A few of the perks of traveling and performing in concerts are the sights you see and people you meet.

    For instance, when the Waybacks came to Los Alamos for the first time last year, founding singer, songwriter and guitarist James Nash recalled how they were introduce to red and green chili at breakfast.

    He joked as much as the band is looking forward to returning to the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series at 7 p.m. Friday at Del Norte Credit Union, they are really eager to eat some more chili sauce.