Today's News

  • Robot Rodeo highlights operator skills

    A surprisingly agile silver robot made its way across a wooden walkway, picked up a bright yellow Frisbee, rolled backward and hung the Frisbee high on a nail embedded in a wooden stake. The machine then moved on to a nearby table, where it picked up a mousetrap, crossed a pile of car tires and, without tripping it, placed the mousetrap down on another table.

    This was one of 10 innovative courses timed and critiqued by judges during the two-and-a-half-day 2008 Robot Rodeo, which wrapped up today at noon at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • High incomes earn Hill top rank

    Los Alamos continues to lead the nation in its per-capita population of affluent Americans, according to a Nielsen study released Tuesday.

    Two Connecticut locations, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk and Torrington, were second and third in the study. Six California communities ranked among the top 20.

    The study defines “affluent American households” as those with income and income producing assets (IPA) in excess of $100,000, a category birthed locally by the city’s largest employer, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Memorial Day: World War II theme to highlight program

    Monday’s Memorial Day program at Guaje Pines will feature Ferenc (Frank) Morton Szasz speaking on the theme of New Mexico during the era of the second World War.

    “It’s very important to honor all of the men and women who served our country and this year we want to especially honor our WWII veterans,” said Jim Rubin, program coordinator and member of the local Elks Lodge, adding that the public is invited to attend the annual event.

  • Students' art work chronicles art class

    If anyone wondered what Los Alamos High School art classeshave been up to all year, they just had to take a look around the classroom.

    A semester’s worth of work covered the walls, filled the display cases and decorated tables. Through a school gallery show, which ended Thursday, students’ artwork and creativity were put on display for LAHS and the community.

    “I think the work is really fantastic,” art teacher Dana Salmond said. “They’re so talented ee every student has some beautiful work.”

  • Guitar duo to return to Fuller Lodge

    Jeremy Mayne and Mickey Jones, also known as the New Mexico Guitar Duo, will be traveling up the Hill to perform in the Guitars and Gateaux concert at 7 p.m. today at Fuller Lodge.

    They are both seasoned pros within the concert series. Maynes has performed a solo concert in the past; Jones brought the Albuquerque Honors Guitar Quartet to the series and Maynes and Jones concluded the series last year.

  • Climbing school graduates

    Fourteen climbers conquered their fears and physical challenges, and as a result, are able to scale mountains, literally.

    The students enrolled in the Los Alamos Mountaineers climbing school, which kicked off March 25, put their skills to the test with a graduation climb at Tres Piedras May 3.

    Graduate climbers practiced traditional climbing, and spent from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. that day “climbing like maniacs,” instructor Kai Davis said.

  • Scientist by day, superhero by night

    Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is a man of unusual qualities. Not only is he a genius winning numerous prestigious awards in technology, as well as a very rich man because of his designs at a weapons manufacturing firm, but he is also cocky, handsome and has a way with women that would make even Casanova jealous.

  • Golf: Griffith among top at Towa

    Reid Griffith of Los Alamos shot an 88 to finish second in the championship flight of the May 12 Northern New Mexico Senior Men’s Golf Association tournament.

    The tournament was held at Towa Golf Resort at Pojoaque.

    Griffith finished four strokes behind Dean Boice of Alamosa, Colo., who won the top flight.

    Also in Monday’s championship flight, Los Alamos’ Dave Vieira finished with the runner-up net score, shooting a net of 80. Al Jehner of Santa Fe had the top low net in Monday’s tournament.

  • Health and Fitness: Squats: the spinach of lifts

    We all have a love-hate relationship with squats, the so-called “king” of all exercises.

    But by understanding the mechanics and benefits of the squat, you can increase your attraction to this exercise and enhance its value in your routine.

    When performed correctly, squats build the body’s power muscles of the lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. Being an exercise with a large range of motion, the squat stretches each area worked and then requires a hard contraction of the muscle spindles to perform the lift.

  • Banking on knowledge: Website redefines values

    The restless energy of the World Wide Web continues to carve out new spaces and inspire new journals, tools and experiences. One quality they seem to have in common is the creation of novel communities with unique shapes and dimensions.

    A few highly successful Internet communities like MySpace and Facebook have become daily accessories to the real world, offering platforms for self-expression with strong social overtones.

    Others, like SecondLife, are rooted in a virtual world with a peculiar emergent life of their own.