Today's News

  • Alfalfa sprouts recalled after 22 sickened

    WASHINGTON — Salmonella found in raw alfalfa sprouts appears to have sickened 22 people in 10 states, including one infant in Oregon, prompting a nationwide recall of the product.

    Caldwell Fresh Foods of Maywood, Calif., announced the recall Friday. According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, which also announced the recall Friday, Caldwell’s product was sold in 18 states in the West, Midwest and South.

  • Low primary turnout expected

    SANTA FE — Nearly 924,000 New Mexicans are eligible to vote in the June primary election, but a veteran pollster expects relatively low voter turnout.

    About 565,700 Democrats and 358,000 Republicans are registered to cast ballots for the primary. That’s up about 4 percent from 2006, when New Mexico last held a gubernatorial primary and it’s a 3 percent increase from the 2008 presidential primary election.

  • One wheel wonder

    Skateboarders riding handrails down staircases and doing highflying acrobatics are commonplace around Los Alamos. A unicyclist doing the same, however, is a rather unique sight.

    If you frequent the park on North Mesa, you may catch a glimpse of world champion unicyclist Max Schulze and his friends practicing on their unicycles and doing tricks you may have thought only bicyclists could do.

  • Public provides ideas

    Community members gathered in the Community Building Wednesday to present ideas about projects they hope to see Los Alamos County build.

    Community Development Director Rick Bohn facilitated the meeting.

    Judge Alan Kirk was among the people presenting ideas that may be submitted for Capital Improvement Projects.

  • Getting clobbered by the immigration reform

    In my household, we’ve faced the budget-busting, savings-emptying need to reroof. Twice. Each time there was a lot of Spanish spoken up on the roof and Mexican pop tunes wafting into the neighborhood.

    Did we inquire whether those workers were legal? Nope. Are you kidding? For American roofers, the costs would have been even higher. If you’ve stayed in a hotel, bought a house or eaten in a restaurant, you too have benefited from cheap ­— and probably illegal — labor.

  • Perspectives on our budget

    The good news is that we have a budget to vote on. It was arrived at throughdiscussions that were a few  times at policy level and were more than a few times at very detailed levels. We looked at funds, departments and capital projects.

    Some of this detail is needed. However, I want to present a higher level perspective on the budget that will manifest some challenges and some questions, that both council and staff need to find answers for in the near future.

  • News Alert: Roofing fumes drive dozens of LANL employees to seek medical evaluations

    Word that a collapsed roof and bromine fumes shut down the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (CMR) Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory Wednesday was apparently false.

    "There's been some roofing being done on the CMR Building and air monitoring inside CMR revealed volatile organism compounds from roofing adhesive had entered the building," LANL spokesman Jeff Berger said. "So LANL managers in charge ordered a controlled evacuation and made available medical evaluations for anyone who wanted to go to the Occupational Medicine Facility."

  • Track and field: Pittman concludes career with win

    ALBUQUERQUE – Buzzes at state track and field meets often get going by what an athlete might do.

    In the case of Kyle Pittman, the buzz all centered around what he wasn’t doing.

    Pittman, the premier prep distance runner in the state, wasn’t even going to attempt a clean sweep of the distance events, a feat that his friend and predecessor, Gareth Gilna, attempted and completed one year earlier.

  • Running: Romero is best predictor in pace race

    Alexander Romero was the top predictor at this week’s pace race.

    The pace race, a weekly event sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners, was held Tuesday at American Springs Road. Tuesday’s race included both a 1-mile and 3-mile course.

    All this week’s top predictions were made by runners on the long course.

    Romero finished the race with a prediction error of just 12 seconds on the 3-mile course Tuesday. Romero topped Michael Jablin, who was 20 seconds off, and Karen Thom, who finished 30 seconds off.

  • Sports update

    Hoops camps start May 31

    The annual Hilltopper Basketball Camp is scheduled from May 31-June 11 at Griffith Gymnasium and Auxiliary Gymnasium.

    The camp includes four sessions. Session one for kids in kindergarten through third grade, while session two is for kids in grades 4-6. Session three is for players in grades 7-12 and session four is for high schoolers interested in playing for this Hilltoppers this winter.

    Price for participation is $40 per session or $75 for two sessions.

    For more information or to register, call 412-5313.