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  • Lab came to terms with a tough year

  • Parks and Recreation Manager follows his dreams

      For high school students, deciding what they want to do with their future is sometimes a hard choice. While some students aren’t sure what career path they want to take, others have a clear-cut idea of what they want to do when they grow up.  

  • History marks 2008 election

    Nearly 83 percent of local voters cast ballots in the Nov. 4 general election, which for the first time in history placed an African American in the White House.


    On Jan. 20, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., will officially become the 44th president of the United States.


    In Los Alamos County, 10,922 out of 13,186 eligible voters cast ballots, according to official results posted on the Secretary of State’s website.


    Statewide voter turnout came in at 68.34 percent or 815,363 out of 1,193,084 eligible voters.

  • 2008 was a year of change for LA County

    2008 was an interesting year for Los Alamos County.


    A new skate park was built, despite the controversy it was embroiled in for many years. The Judicial/Police/Jail Complex began to take shape and new county councilors were elected.


    The skate park was the hot topic for Los Alamos residents during the summer. The county decided to build the park, despite questions about its location.


  • Fire Department wraps up busy year
  • Police department year in review

    A murdered woman, a commercial building drenched by vandals and an armed robbery inside a dry cleaners top the Los Alamos Police Department’s list of crimes in 2008.


    Jack Markham, 55, remains in jail charged with the Aug. 4 murder of his wife, Robin Markham. Markham allegedly shot her at least twice in the chest inside their Denver Steel home at 3459 Pueblo Drive.


  • ESB to present recommendations to council

    In an effort to maintain environmental quality, county councilors have asked members of the Environmental Sustainability Board to provide them with recommendations for objectives under the council’s strategic goal for maintaining environmental quality.


    Because of the request, the Environmental Sustainability Board held a work session on Dec. 11 to develop recommendations to present to council.


  • New councilors make debut Tuesday

      The first County Council meeting of 2009 will be held on Jan. 6 in the Community Building at 7 p.m. This will be the first council meeting to be held with the councilors who were elected in November.

  • DPU sees many changes in 2008

      The Department of Public Utilities went through some vast changes in 2008, with power outages throughout the county proving to be a challenge. The department has seen leadership transition, growth of in-house engineering staff, water, electric and gas infrastructure improvements, the unification of county & utility customer services to form the 311Customer Care Center and various other changes. With these changes in place, the DPU is hoping to be better able to serve the citizens of Los Alamos County.

  • Arts in Public Places Board ready to tackle new projects

      Like most county entities, 2008 proved to be a busy year for the Arts in Public Places Board. They were involved in several projects and are going into 2009 with a list of projects that will most likely see action taken this year.