Today's News

  • Seeking weather spotters

    The National Weather Service is holding a SKYWARN Spotter training session for the public from 9 a.m.-noon July 15 at the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Santa Fe. The class is free of charge and just one session is required to become a certified SKYWARN Spotter.

    Los Alamos County Emergency Management Coordinator Philmont Taylor explained this morning that SKYWARN is a volunteer program with nearly 280,000 trained severe weather spotters.

  • FBI historian discusses Patriot Act evolution

    ALBUQUERQUE — As a young boy studying government in school, Stephan Marshall never imagined he would be dealing with the Fourth Amendment every day as an adult. Now, as chief division counsel and historian of New Mexico’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marshall has no doubts about its relevance, he recently told a class of FBI Citizens’ Academy participants as he explained the evolution of the USA Patriot Act.

  • Bond measure calls for win-win

    The school board met Thursday to discuss issues related to the 20-Year Facilities Renewal Plan, approval of the FY08-FY09 budget, and school policies dealing with length of teacher contracts, employee directory listings and student cell-phone use.

    “We had our fourth meeting with the county this week,” LAPS president Steve Girrens said. “It was a brainstorming session for possible ways to get assistance (for the 20-Year Facilities Renewal Plan). Some of the ideas range from what will be in it for both sides, it has to be a win-win.”

  • BANDELIER Some place: Tsankawi

    Tsankawi is an ancient Native American site containing unexcavated ruins dating from the 1400s. Within its scruffy surrounding landscape, there are immense views, foot-worn trails, cave-dwellings and petroglyphs.

    Located several miles north of the entrance to the main reaches of Bandelier National Monument, Tsankawi is a remote and detached section of the monument, easily missed on a first or second visit to the area.

  • Spotlight on Los Alamos: Making of the fourth edition

    In late 2005, an e-mail arrived from Sharon Snider, chair of the Los Alamos Historical Society Publications Committee. On its subject line was the message, “Make my day.” The third edition of my book, “A Guide to Bandelier National Monument,” was almost out of stock. Would I please supply the computer file so they could reprint it?

    No computer file existed. I had pasted-up all three previous editions by hand, the old-fashioned way. More importantly, Bandelier had changed so much that the book was no longer relevant.

  • Thinking Makes It So: 4 reasons everyone should write

    4. The pay is fabulous

    Seriously: Columbia Pictures paid Scott Rosenberg $1.2 million just to rewrite his own script, titled “Black Ice,” in 2000. Of course, he had a bit of an amazing track record with “High Fidelity,” “Con Air,” “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and “The Sentinel.” Nevertheless, since “Black Ice” remains unproduced, it’s hard to say whether he deserved it.

  • Triatomics: Brugs win Splash-N-Dash June 18

    Pat Brug and Elizabeth Brug were the top finishers at the first Splash-N-Dash last week.

    The Splash-N-Dash, sponsored by the Triatomics Multisports Club and Los Alamos County, was held June 18.

    Pat Brug had the top time on the long course, which consisted of a 400-yard swim and a 5K run. Brug was the only competitor to finish the swim in under five minutes, then held off Jeff Johnson in the running portion to earn a time of 24:38.

    Johnson, who had the fastest 5K time in the event with a 19:37, was second on the long course, finishing in 24:55.

  • Our View: Early budget work needs work

    The proposals coming from the House Appropriators Committee were a mixed bag and a bit hard to understand.

    While adding millions to energy and water work, it cut out work on the lab’s Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility. This is hard to understand.

    You can argue that we don’t need a huge new stockpile of nuclear weapons, that is fine. But to say we need no work, no production, no research seems foolish to us.

  • Broadcasting live from Los Alamos

    Amateur radio operators will be broadcasting across the country and throughout the world this weekend.

    About 20 operators from Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club will be setting up stations, hooking up generators and transmitting their voices on radio waves from North Mesa Picnic Grounds to hone and sharpen their skills.

    In 24 hours, the operators will attempt to make as many contacts as possible.

  • One last hurrah

    Janet Bosarge is preparing to move out of the area, but not before throwing one last art party. Bosarge’s fine arts party will be held from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday at her home, located at 2326 Canyon Glen.

    The art show will feature Los Alamos artists Mary Carol Williams and Ellen Randall. Sculpturor and photographer John Fleming, photographer Harry Clifford, oil painter Stede Barber, watercolor painter Barb Ruble and artist Christina Boyce of Des Moines, will also show their work at the party.