Today's News

  • Steering committee to meet tonight

    The third meeting of the Municipal Building Steering Committee will be held tonight, from 6-8 p.m. in council chambers at the community building.

    Tonight, the committee will discuss the results of the criteria weighting take-home straw poll and make the determination for the final criteria weighting.

    In addition, they will also review and discuss all of the public and private sites that are being considered, as well as those that were submitted to Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro, by the June 25 deadline.

  • Mali meets Los Alamos

    Mali musician Balla Kouyate’s family holds a major responsibility. As djeli, they are tasked with reminding the community of its traditional greatness and accomplishments.

    This can be done through being a historian, dancer or performer. Kouyate chose music to promote his culture.

    And he is bringing his music and culture to Los Alamos.

    Kouyate and his band, World Vision, will perform at 7 p.m. Friday at Ashley Pond. The concert is part of the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series. So what can locals learn from a steward of the music of Mali?

  • UNM-LA offers new programs

    The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos in collaboration with Doña Ana Community College and Central New Mexico Community College will manage a new, unique collaborative higher education project.

    Chief Justice Edward L. Chávez of the New Mexico Supreme Court introduced the New Mexico Center for Language Access on the steps of the Supreme Court building Wednesday.

  • Ukrainian pianist makes Los Alamos debut

    Ukrainian pianist Boris Fedorov is making his New Mexico debut right here in Los Alamos.

    He is eager to share his music with the community. “I have never been to Los Alamos, but I am told the public is very appreciative and has a sincere interest in music,” Fedorov said.

    The concert will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday in Fuller Lodge. Fedorov will perform several works by Haydn, Chopin, Schumann and Strauss. For an encore performance a piece of music, which requires three pianists, will be performed.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: Having some good ole’ American prideee^

    On July 4, I read an Associated Press story about Marines in Afghanistan. They were hauling weight-buckling packs, the reporter wrote, and walking a many miles in sweltering 100-degree heat.

    Since it was Independence Day, the Marines mentioned that people back at home were celebrating the holiday.   

  • Step into the critic’s shoes Sunday at LALT

    Art is never static. The last word can be typed on the page or the curtain can fall after the final scene, but the work still goes on. For instance, local playwright Robert Benjamin wrote “Parted Waters” and had it performed in Phoenix. Since then, the play has been through some revisions and Benjamin is ready to unveil “Parted Waters,” in its newest form to Los Alamos.

  • Ride back in time

    Los Alamos County  residents and visitors will have one more opportunity to visit a mobile museum right in their own back yard when the Van of Enchantment returns with a brand new exhibit on the history of the railroads in New Mexico.  A museum on wheels, the Van of Enchantment is a converted RV that tours New Mexico carrying artifacts and materials from New Mexico’s state  museums and monuments. The Van of Enchantment, also known as ‘Vanna,’ brings its contents to life with dynamic activities inside and outside in the adjacent tented activity area.

  • Local shoe drive set for worldwide distribution

  • July hailstorm ravages local area

    Monday’s massive hailstorm pounded the county for some 45 minutes leaving thousands of dented vehicles, cracked windshields and smashed gardens in its wrath.

    Leaves torn from trees by the fierce velocity of millions of hailstones, some larger than a golf ball, blanketed yards, sidewalks, vehicles and rooftops.

    KOAT Channel 7 TV arrived on the scene to report on the aftermath of the storm. News Reporter Dominic Garcia conducted a live report standing in front of a large pile of hail on Myrtle Street.

  • Stimulus ramps up in New Mexico

    Former Gov. Toney Anaya led a panel of prominent officials in a sweeping overview of New Mexico’s stake in the $787 billion federal stimulus plan. A little more than a billion dollars have entered the state as of June 30 and a couple billion more are expected to arrive, according to tracking information compiled by the New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment, the state stimulus agency that Anaya heads.