Today's News

  • Get ready to do a snow dance

    As the summer season comes to a close at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, questions about how this year’s winter season will shape up are beginning to form. With the success of last year’s ski season, the answers to these questions look optimistic.

  • Girls soccer: LA gets blanked by Volcano Vista, 2-0

    ALBUQUERQUE — The fatigue factor might have finally caught up with the Los Alamos Hilltopper girls soccer team.

    The Volcano Vista Hawks certainly caught up with and passed the Hilltoppers Wednesday.

    Los Alamos struggled from first whistle to last whistle Wednesday against Volcano Vista, an up-and-coming soccer program which is playing its second and final season in Class AAAA before it makes the leap to Class 5A next year.

    The Hawks were dominant on both ends of the field and ground out two second half goals to win 2-0.

  • Waste no time - see ‘9’

    As soon as I saw the preview for “9,” I knew this was a movie I had to see. Movies that combine fantasy and surreal elements are right up my alley.

    When I saw the movie had come to the Reel Deal, I wasted no time. After watching it, I suggest you do not waste any time in seeing this movie either.

  • CMRR Rad-Lab is up

    Los Alamos National Laboratory’s projected Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility is still very much alive, despite obstacles that line its way to an uncertain future.

    Another in a series of peaceful, court-imposed meetings Wednesday night brought together officials in charge of LANL’s CMRR facility and a group of “interested parties,” among other members of the public.

  • Councilors hedge bets on future fuel prices

    The Los Alamos County Council Tuesday night approved a new arrangement to purchase discounted natural gas within a long-term plan.

    Councilors voted 4-1 in favor of authorizing John Arrowsmith, the county’s director of public utilities to sign an agreement for Los Alamos, along with the New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority (NMMEAA) to enter into a pre-paid natural gas transaction with a variable gas discount structure that could save Los Alamos residents an estimated $750,000 a year in gas for the next 30 years.

  • Frugal Friday offers food related fun

    The Betty Ehart Senior Center is hoping residents will take advantage of the center as it presents its final Frugal Friday this week. The food related fun is a chance for the senior center to spotlight the chefs during National Senior Center month.

    The day in the life of these chefs starts much earlier than for others. Chef Fred Ortiz and Chef Michael Mason begin their day when the sun comes up, in order to serve the seniors each day.  

  • Letter: Cost of war is breaking us

    Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently said that the U. S. is in Iraq for oil, and he would like to see our leaders stand up and admit it.  Evidently, we are also in Iraq to spend money.

  • Letter: Let's drink healthy water

    Los Alamos has at least one set of conflicting goals: water conservation and reducing the level of dissolved metals in the water its denizens consume. Many of the town’s aging water pipes are lined with lead and other metals, which may leach into the water. We are told by very reputable sources to run the water for three to five minutes in the morning, to allow the lead and dissolved metals to wash out of the pipes, before drinking the water.

  • Letter: Students should have heard the president's speech

    This is in reference to the Monitor story of Sept. 11 about the president’s speech.

    One of the finest school systems in the country in one of the leading scientific communities found it impossible for its students to join the rest of the nation’s schoolchildren in listening to President Obama’s back-to-school address. Amazing!

  • Breaking News: Jury deliberation in Vives vs. Hull case ends at 5 p.m. without decision