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  • LANL explains transformation plan, mission

    Get ready for transformation week: not the moment when everything changes in the nuclear weapons complex, but a critical week when sides line up and offer varying, and sometimes emotional, accounts about what should or should be done in the next decade.Los Alamos National Laboratory hosted the first of two bus tours Wednesday, looking to explain a program of consolidation outlined in a Department of Energy environmental statement – and hopefully gather support.

  • Finding the right time for love

    Los Alamos Little Theatre presents “Time Enough” as its March offering for the 2007/2008 season. The play centers on romance, honesty and vulnerability in the lives of a man and woman in their 60s. It takes place in the sitting room of an inn, where both are staying to attend a Shakespeare festival. The festival’s presentation of “Taming of the Shrew” serves to frame the couple’s prickly developing relationship.

  • Regional science fair Saturday

    Los Alamos students have scientifically tested the world around them, and their experiments will be evaluated when they head to the regional science fair Saturday in Las Vegas, NM.Out of 164 entrants from the county event, 47 will take the two-hour trek to compete in the next level.“We have a committee of very excited, experienced and devoted parents, teachers, site coordinators and community members,” said Los Alamos Public Schools curriculum specialist Dawn Brown. “This enthusiasm definitely filtered to down the students.

  • Health & fitness: Exercise can help prevent, control cancer

    Cancer is one of the major killers of Americans today.

  • Baseball: Toppers fall 21-5 in season opener Tuesday

    There was little doubt Tuesday’s baseball game was the first game of the season.Los Alamos struggled throughout Tuesday’s five-inning season opener at Bomber Field, falling behind 18-0 before finally pushing a run across in the bottom of the fourth against the visiting Belen Eagles.

  • Adapting to world-wide customer service

    If New Mexico newspapers are to compete in a tech world that has changed the rules of the competitive game, they need to adapt.No more calling your local columnist the old fashioned way. Remember? You dial. He answers. You converse. That is so yesterday.To lead my colleagues into the new age of communication and customer service, this column is establishing a modern system with agents in a far land trained to give immediate and courteous service to its readers.Here’s what you can expect when you dial my number.“Hello.

  • Council talks policy

    Policy discussions topped the council agenda on Tuesday, with topics ranging from the county’s capital improvement program and long-range financial plan, to an official county stand on the Department of Energy’s plan to transform the nuclear complex, including the production of pits at Los Alamos.Council decided in a 6-to-0 vote to send a letter to the document manager for the DOE, Theodore A. Wyka.

  • New option should open up primaries

    Candidates gaining less than 20 percent of elected delegate votes at the preprimary convention may now submit additional nominating petitions to get on primary election ballots.Friday, Gov. Bill Richardson signed Senate Bill 1 – Primary Access Ballot for Certain Candidates.

  • The search for a better gig

    4.5 kernelsCollege English majors could write endless theses about how the term “limbo” applies to director John Sayles’ 1999 independent film.The aptly titled “Limbo” centers on the story of a beaten-down singer, her sorrowful boyfriend and her miserable daughter, but the camera sneaks into the mired lives of other residents of their small Alaskan fishing town as well.There’s no money, no cannery, no fishing boat, no father.

  • Thinking Makes It So: Do juggalos get manicures, too?

    The chair chewed on both sides of my spine, starting from my neck and munching its way down to my tailbone, biting beneath my ribs and chomping the undersides of my shoulder blades. Do beans enjoy mastication this much? Does bread have an aching back? Beef jerky, I understand you better now: I, too, have been gnawed and mashed repeatedly until finally my muscles were fit for digestion.All the while, my feet rested in a small tub of bubbling water. Eventually, an incredibly wonderful woman asked me to remove one foot from the whirlpool and lay it on a towel.