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  • Sports briefs

    Abeyta heads to nationals

    Local youth track and field athlete Elena Abeyta is taking part in the National Junior Olympics Championships this week.

    The Junior Olympics event is currently being run in Greensboro, N.C. and will continue through Sunday.

    Abeyta, 10, placed in the top six in her age group in three events at the regional track and field meet held earlier this month in Provo, Utah. She finished second in the long jump, second in the 100 meters and sixth with her 400 relay team.

  • Pop opera: ‘Letter’ arrives stamped with fiendish passion


    That’s the opening note of “The Letter” the Santa Fe Opera’s newly commissioned production that opened this week. A flimsy pistol shot repeated five more times demands immediate attention.

    Then, over a dead body and around a woman in a nightgown, a non-stop bullet train rolled through.

    There was never any question about who did it. Leslie Crosbie, the wife of a plantation-owner in British Malaya, pursues her victim in from the veranda and shoots him again and again.

  • Returning to LA

    The first time Texan Americana musician Ray Wylie Hubbard came to Los Alamos, there was a cloud hanging over the town, literally.

    The Cerro Grande Fire had just finished rampaging through the area and people were anxious to see what  had happened to their houses, family and friends.

    Despite the dour situation, Hubbard’s memories of the place are pleasant.

    He described the crowd as being “warm and generous.”

    “We had a great time,” Hubbard said.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: The vices and virtues of television ee^

    TV can be a real hazard – a roadblock on the path toward accomplishing any item on a to-do list. I’ve known people who avoid the contraption altogether because it makes them drift away from productivity. As a child, I took an art class at the local recreation center and I remember the teacher proudly commented her TV was stowed away in a closet and was only brought out in times of dire need – to watch landmark events in action or the newest big disaster.

  • Shedding light on New Mexico

    “Impressionism in New Mexico,” the current exhibit at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge, truly embodies ACFL’s underlying philosophy: To enrich the human imagination through nurturing and supporting visual arts.

  • Committee narrows choices down to top five

    As their deadline looms closer, the Municipal Building Site Selection Steering Committee continues to work feverishly in an effort to come up with a site recommendation for a new municipal building.

    The committee met again last Thursday to discuss the results of a straw poll they’d been given. At their first four meetings, the committee considered 23 possible sites for the location of a new municipal building.

    The 23 sites included some that were privately owned as well as some that are already owned by the county.

  • Embracing some big questions

    You’ve seen “Contact,” right? Jodie Foster, the Very Large Array, a very attractive wormhole?

    Robert Zemeckis’ 1997 adaptation of the Carl Sagan novel of the same time blew my dad away. Until I recently watched the film again, that was kind of all I remembered about it: My dad, going on and on about the awesomeness.

    It would be a pitiful understatement to say that when anyone mentions “Contact,” he gets starry-eyed. He gets Jodie-Foster-eyed. But mostly, he just believes.

  • Los Alamos names new weapons leader

    Los Alamos National Laboratory announced a change at the top Tuesday.

    Charles McMillan becomes principal associate director for Weapons Programs, succeeding Glenn Mara, who has retired.

    McMillan advances from his previous role as associate director for weapons physics.

    His new responsibilities call for providing oversight and direction for the nuclear weapons program at the lab and its core mission, “ensuring the safety, reliability and performance of the nation’s nuclear deterrent.”

  • T-Board discusses street standards

    The New Mexico Department of Transportation’s planned improvements for NM 502/DP Road may be on hold for a couple more years, but the Los Alamos County Community Development Division is still working on a plan for complete streets.

    The topic of Downtown Street Standards was on the agenda at the last Transportation Board meeting. At that meeting, the Board met with the Downtown Street Standards Committee to discuss the possible endorsement of the Downtown Street Standards Committee’s vision, goals and objectives.

  • Momentum building for Los Alamos Cooperative Market

    More than 350 people have become members of the Los Alamos Cooperative Market to date.

    Even more joined Saturday when co-op movers and shakers conducted tours for nearly 100 people at the store’s building site in Entrada Business Park, just west of De Colores Restaurant near the Airport Basin.

    “It’s going to be a full grocery store with a deli, meat counter, canned and frozen foods as well as health and beauty products,” co-op Vice President Karen Kendall said.