Today's News

  • New elections director named

    The appointment of Jim Noel, a lawyer who currently heads the Judicial Standards Commission, to be the new director of the state’s Bureau of Elections has drawn some fire from Republicans.

    The problem as they see it is that the office is required to be nonpartisan – something that may not even be possible in this world – and Noel’s appointment seems far from nonpartisan.

  • Obama details his promise for America

    A new America filled with prosperity and justice for the masses is the promise Sen. Barack Obama gave after accepting his party’s nomination for president on the final evening of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

    “With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States,” Obama told delegates gathered inside Invesco Field from across the country Thursday night.

  • School Board tackles district requests

    School board members had a full agenda Thursday night at the Los Alamos Schools special board meeting and work session.

    At the top of the list was a resolution recognizing partnership between the Los Alamos Public School District and Los Alamos County. The resolution passed unanimously.

    The resolution states that the Board of Education of the Los Alamos Public School District, County of Los Alamos, State of New Mexico: Asserts that the Schools Bond Election must pass and that the school tax rate must be maximized to support capital-renewal projects for our schools.

  • On the frontiers of science, a place to park energy

    SANTA FE  – Albert Migliori is bearing down on a part of the global energy problem for which Los Alamos National Laboratory has already laid some claims.

    He’s not talking about the drilling problem or how far out on the continental shelf drilling should begin, although antique legislation and backward incentives that reward depletion of non-renewable resources do warrant criticism in his view.

    “Our government is a disaster,” he said, speaking his own mind as a scientist about the Catch-22s of energy policy.

  • Democratic National Convention marks history

    DENVER – Some 75,000 people inside Invesco Field and millions more around the world are expected to tune in this evening to witness Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, the first black person in history.

    On the floor of the Democratic National Convention at Pepsi Center Wednesday, former opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, called for a suspension of the traditional roll call of the states and made a motion that all votes go to Obama for president.

    The motion carried.

  • Giving Day: Lab celebrates gifts of time and money

    The elements smiled on Los Alamos National Laboratory’s United Way employee giving campaign Wednesday.

    After recent years of wind, rain and even snow, the annual kickoff for the lab’s United Way campaign, now including a volunteer recognition event, met with mild conditions and plentiful sunshine.

    “We’ve always run these programs separately,” said Debbi Worsonick, community programs officer and lab lead for the United Way and LANL Volunteer program.

  • County Council holds strategic planning meeting

    The council has been busy with various meetings, which have focused on topics such as the skate park and the municipal building site, but somehow they found time last Friday to hold a daylong strategic planning meeting.

    The council’s first order of business was a discussion and update to council and the community on the management action plans for the strategic goals and objectives.

  • Reading, discussing great books to begin Sept. 9 at Mesa Public Library

    There seems to be an endless supply of books to stack up on the night stand or cram into a bookshelf, but how do you pick which ones to read?

    The Los Alamos Great Books Discussion makes the decision process easy by selecting the books for the reader.

    The book group not only selects the material for its members, it also invites them to participate in literary conversations.

    The discussions will begin at 1 p.m. Sept. 9 at Mesa Public Library.

  • Get ready to dance Friday

    Dear friends of the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series,

    The Series is coming to a close and hopefully we’ll be back next May. There are only two shows left, Friday and Sept. 5.

    We’ve had to change our artist for the Friday concert.

    Rosie Ledet is ill and can’t make either of her New Mexico concerts that she had planned for this weekend.

    Thankfully, my dear friends, the Nomads will replace Rosie. The Nomads play ‘50s and ‘60s rock ‘n roll.

  • Siblings to host joint art show

    Los Alamos artist Secundino Sandoval and his brother and fellow artist, Abad, have more ties than just being siblings; they are also connected through art.

    Secundino started making his art creations at age 5; a Mickey Mouse comic book and some crayons sparked his interest in the field. Abad began making doodles as a kid, which grew into watercolors.

    They both capture the landscapes and sites of New Mexico in their watercolors.

    Secundino said Abad’s work is very impressionistic while his own paintings are more realistic.