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  • Mesa Library to show heroes in action

    The video, “Uncommon Valor: The Battle of Iwo Jima,” as well as first hand-account of the battle by local Iwo Jima Marine Corp veteran, Bill Hudson, will be presented to the community at 7 p.m. Feb. 17 at Mesa Public Library, upstairs in the library meeting rooms.

    “Uncommon Valor: The Battle of Iwo Jima,” was produced by the Canadian History Channel and has not been publicly aired in the U.S. This showing will commemorate the 65th anniversary of that historic battle.

  • NEWS ALERT Local relief mission returns to Haiti
  • An encore performance ‘Parted Waters’ returns to Teatro Paraguas as a full production

    Teatro Paraguas, located at 3221-B Richards Lane in Santa Fe, will present local playwright Robert Benjamin’s “Parted Waters,” beginning today and running through Feb. 27. There will be a total of 11 performances.

    Three Hispanic men including the grandfather, son and grandson are the focus in the play.

    The family owns a farm near Truchas, which has been in the family for generations.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: Dealing with a head full of false ideas

    When I was in middle school a friend of mine, who lived across the street, once commented that she could eat whatever she wanted and not gain a pound.

    I was engulfed in jealousy when I heard this – how could it be so easy for some people to maintain a tiny physique when others are faced with a lifelong, seemingly impossible challenge to get thin? I’ve tried to convince myself that I am like my middle school friend; however, no matter how hard I twist the facts, the truth is I am not a part of the same group.

  • Briefs: K of C announces local free throw champs

    K of C announces local contest winners

    The Los Alamos chapter of the Knights of Columbus will send 9 boys and girls to the district level free throw competition.

    Los Alamos’ K of C held its local competition Jan. 31 at Griffith Gymnasium. The top shooters in each age and gender division will participate in the district contest Feb. 28 at Santa Cruz Elementary School.

  • Hospice to hand out bunches of sunshine

    Los Alamos Visiting Nurses are offering the community bunches of sunshine.

    This gift is available through the 15th Annual Daffodils for Hospice fundraiser.

    The sun-colored flowers are shipped from California in enormous boxes. When they arrive in Los Alamos, hospice workers bunch the flowers and they are stored in a space donated by the Netuschils before and during the sale.

    The flowers serve as a fundraiser for the organization.

  • Local pianists to compete for spot in New Mexico Symphony Orchestra

    Kevin Gao and Ariel Chen were chosen by a juried audition to participate in the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra’s Jackie McGehee Piano Concerto Competition that will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Keller Hall in Albuquerque. Both are freshman at Los Alamos High School.

    Six students from throughout the state were chosen to participate in the competition, which will award musicians with the chance to perform with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra during the annual Mother’s Day Concert.  The winners and the alternates also receive cash prizes. 

  • ‘Bad actor’ pollution bill fails in House

    SANTA FE — An effort by the Richardson administration to crack down on polluters with a track record of air quality violations was narrowly defeated Wednesday in the House.

    The measure would have added a so-called “bad actor” clause to the state Air Quality Control Act. State laws that govern water, solid wastes and hazardous materials already include such a clause.

  • Local relief mission returns to Haiti

    Los Alamos resident Harold Salomon said Wednesday that he was returning to Haiti this week, to continue the relief mission he began shortly after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake flattened the capital city four weeks ago.

    This time, Salmon said he would fly back with three other volunteers from Los Alamos — Don Lucero, deacon of Immaculate Heart of Mary and two volunteer nurses, Helen Langworthy and Isabella O’Hara.

  • A-Wing added to LAHS project

    After reviewing educational specifications on the Los Alamos High School renovation project, the Public School Facilities Authority has directed district officials to include A-Wing in the planned demolition of B, C and D wings.