Today's News

  • Fulfill a wish

    School budgets only go so far before some items are left out. To help get these supplies to Los Alamos High School teachers and employees, the Topper Parent Organization compiled a wish list and is asking the community to help cross items off the list.

    The math department is requesting chisel tipped Expo dry erase markers in blue, black, red, green and purple by the dozen.

  • Learn about coyotes in the Valles Caldera Preserve

    “Coyotes of the Valles Caldera National Preserve,” a family-friendly talk, will be presented at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC).

    Wildlife biologist Suzanne Gifford has been studying coyotes on the Preserve since 2005 and will discuss the research she has been conducting on the ecology of the coyote population.

    “We have radio-collared 36 coyotes in order to study movements, territories and population characteristics,” Gifford said.

  • New Mexico Veterans to get help in remote areas

    New Mexico is receiving two 38-foot motor coaches from the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (USDVA) in Washington, D.C.

    The mobile centers will serve military Veterans, according to a news release by the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services (NMDVS) Friday.

    The vehicles will be outfitted to allow counseling services in a comfortable and confidential setting, according to the release.

  • Human resources director enables cultural resource

    Even in this age of multitasking it seems a little out of character that the human resources director at Los Alamos Public Schools is also organizing a new school program in theater arts.

    But that’s what James Telles is doing.

    Along with his administrative responsibilities, he is coordinating and developing Atomic City Children’s Theater, a drama program for the elementary schools.

    It’s an arts-enrichment program, meant to be fun and also provide a lot of important educational vitamins.

  • Should we begin the countdown?

    While Gov. Bill Richardson is not saying anything, Barack Obama’s victory suits him just fine. See, it seems very clear that he is in line to be part of that administration – the only question is when?

    Our Democratic governor refused to discuss the subject, saying: “I’m happy as governor of New Mexico, I’m planning my legislative agenda and I don’t want to comment any further.”

    But this is only skin deep, as they say. He cannot seek re-election to his favorite job and he is far too ambitious to just fade away in two years.

  • Diamond Drive Phase 2 almost finished

    Work on the Diamond Drive Phase II Project continues to move toward completion. While the original ssubstantial completion due date of Oct. 27 has come and gone, ongoing contract adjustments are expected to extend the substantial completion date to approximately Tuesday.


    Substantial completion means that all major aspects of the project are completed, including the roadway paving and striping, a fully functional traffic signal at Diamond and 38th/Arkansas, and placement of all traffic control devices.


  • Time to weigh in on new animal shelter

    Plans to construct a new animal shelter are moving forward in order to give homeless pets a new place to call home.


    County staff hosted an Animal Shelter Schematic Design Open House at the Los Alamos Dog Obedience Club facility at 246 East Road Wednesday evening.


    Drawings were on display for the public to review. They also had an opportunity to present ideas to county staff.


    Friends of the Shelter board member Sally Wilkins was delighted with the process surrounding the project.


  • Udall says he’ll back labs

    Voters on Tuesday elected Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., to replace Republican Sen. Pete Domenici who retires Dec. 31. Just what that means to Los Alamos and Los Alamos National Laboratory will take time to determine, said Rep. Jeannette Wallace during an interview Thursday.


  • Institute sponsors astronomy conference

    A major conference that brings New Mexico’s extensive astronomical resources together with a national and international community of scientists will take place later this month.


    The conference, “The Great Surveys Workshop,” sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), has a broad agenda for coordinating efforts toward the next two decades of cosmic surveys.


    IAS’s Astrophysics and Cosmology Center, led by astrophysicist Salman Habib, will host the event.


  • New councilors target meaningful community connection

    Newly elected county council candidates Vincent Chiravalle, Sharon Stover and Mike Wismer gathered at the Monitor Friday to discuss their vision for enhancing the strengths of the current council.

    All three commended the current council for its many accomplishments and credited county staff for their continual hard work and dedication to improve Los Alamos.

    The new councilors also discussed concerns voiced by the community during their months of campaigning.