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  • Why should we ask why?

    There’s an old story about a philosophy professor who presented the students with a test asking a single question ... “Why?” 

    As the story goes, the only person who received an “A” was a student who submitted the answer, “Because.”  Another version of the story has the student answering, “Why not?”

    The story is of course a classic academic myth, a folk legend promulgated on the premise that philosophy defines its own worth and that the value of questioning the questions is itself in question. 

  • To raise or not to raise the issue

    The governor announced his budget proposal this week. It calls for some cuts and some increase in tax collections to balance the budget.

    He says he does not see the need for a tax hike.

    We wish him well.

    Does anyone really think the Legislature will go along with Richardson and cut education? They are perhaps the strongest lobby around.

    Cut education?

    His plan to hold the line on capital projects has a chance, but when it comes to each legislator’s particular project, when this idea is dealt one project at a time, can this idea really work?

  • Sig Hecker and Bob Cowan honored

    Two hugely influential scientists received Los Alamos National Laboratory’s highest recognition.


    LANL Director Michael Anastasio bestowed the 2008 Los Alamos Medal on Siegfried S. Hecker and Robert D. Cowan in a ceremony and reception at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center Thursday afternoon.


    Hecker, LANL director from 1986-1997, is now a professor and co-director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.


  • New columnist joins the Monitor


    Dr. E. Kirsten Peters’ Rock Doc columns will appear weekly in the Monitor beginning Wednesday. Her columns are a service of the College of Sciences of Washington State University where she is director of Communications and Information.

  • Someone should tell what’s happening

    Tuesday night the school board was taken through the steps of the Trinity Place partnership between the school district and the county.

    Fair enough.

    Superintendent Mary McLeod and board member Joan Ahlers presented a slide show.

    Sounds good.

    Then Ahlers told the board that all the information presented is subject to change.

    What? It is here that we become lost.

    The vote on this project was, what, two years ago? The county is well along the way in building up the Airport Basin site in preparation of moving out of the Trinity Drive location.

  • More proof we have good schools

    In the midst of the current bond election there is some solid proof that we are producing some first-class students.

    In the current edition of U.S. News and World Report, where they rank high schools across the nation, three New Mexico schools were honored with silver medals.

    And Los Alamos High was one of those.

    In the report, “America’s Best High Schools,” more than 21,000 high schools were evaluated.

    They were graded on student performance and how well the schools prepare students for college.

  • Keeping Empty Bowls alive

    There are many people throughout the community who have talent beyond imagination.

    There are also those who couldn’t match their own socks without assistance. The good news is that if you reside anywhere on that spectrum, then there is a project for you.

    Self Help Inc., and its major fundraiser, The Empty Bowls Project, was in jeopardy of ending with the 2008 event, until Gillian Sutton of KRSN, AM 1490, stepped up to the ladle and the paintbrush to volunteer.

  • A perfect fit

    Science has a big presence in Los Alamos so what could be a better fit for local readers than bringing in a science fiction writer to participate in the Mesa Public Library’s Authors Speak series?

    S.M. Stirling will be featured in the series at 7 p.m. Thursday in the rotunda. Work that he is currently writing and what he plans to write next are a few of the topics Stirling will address during the lecture.

  • School bond vote important decision

    There is a very important debate going on in our community right now. And it centers around all of the basis of society, taxes, youth, the world today and the future.


    It’s not an easy discussion. It is often hard to look too far ahead when you can barely pay today’s bills. It is hard to discuss what things will be like in 10 years when you’re not sure how you will get though this one.


    And both sides of this discussion have good points.


  • Law makers answer tough budget questions

    There’s no doubt all eyes will be on Washington next week as President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated.


    But many eyes will also be on New Mexico, as the Legislature convenes for a 60-day session.


    Not only has the national economy suffered tremendously, with layoffs and foreclosures affecting thousands of Americans, but the state economy has suffered as well.