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  • Torres for golf course manager

    I have been a resident of Los Alamos for over 40 years and have been involved in many aspects of community and county programs and efforts. I’ve witnessed many students of mine flourish at the golf course through golf lessons, tournaments and employment. Many of my colleagues and friends golf regularly and I have always been a proud supporter of this important component of our town. I believe our golf course is a huge asset to this community and I also believe that Donnie Torres has worked hard to ensure that golf is something to be proud of in Los Alamos.

  • Art projects plentiful in LA

    Art buffs and those who are interested in yet-to-be-placed artwork in Los Alamos County may find the Art in Public Places Board meeting of interest. 

    The meeting is held the second Wednesday of every month in Meeting Room #1 at the Mesa Public Library. This month’s meeting will be held tomorrow, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

    There are quite a few items slated for the APP agenda, which include various art projects that are in the works in and around the county.

  • 'Who Killed Cock Robin?' - Historian wades into troubled waters

    Local historian Paul Kraemer has not rewritten history in his new monograph, published earlier this year in the Nutshell Series by the Los Alamos Historical Society.

    But he has given ample rationale for the title, “An Alternative View of New Mexico’s 1837 Rebellion.”

    As he noted in the first paragraph, “Dozens of writers have raised questions about the violence that broke out in New Mexico in that year.”

  • UNM-LA seeks county help

    Anticipating county council’s final approval this evening, UNM-Los Alamos Advisory Board members on Monday expressed appreciation to the county for $150,000 in financial assistance.

    “I want to say to the county that we as an advisory board, administration and staff appreciate the county council granting our request for $100,000 for renovations and $50,000 for operational support – this is a good step in the right direction,” said Advisory Board Chair Marie Chiravalle during the board’s regular meeting on the college campus.

  • Celebrating Fuller Lodge

    There is more than just 80 years of history located at Fuller Lodge. This time capsule is bursting with stories.

    For Craig Martin, co-author of “Of Logs and Stone: The Buildings of Los Alamos Ranch School and Bathtub Row,” one of these stories begins with him listening to his daughter’s piano recital nine years ago at Fuller Lodge.

    Martin said he was so excited to hear his daughter play on that grand piano at the lodge when he suddenly smelled smoke. It was the first time, he said, he caught a whiff of the smoke from the Cerro Grande Fire.

  • Celebrate the unsung hero today

    I have no personal experience to draw from, but being a mother looks tough. I constantly see my sister racing after her kids to make sure they are safe and are behaving themselves.

    Her infant’s cries wake her and her husband up at night, and her toddlers’ activities keep her busy driving the car.

    But then again, motherhood doesn’t seem to be all craziness. I’ve seen my sister’s and her kids’ faces shine with delight as they read a story on the couch. It is also touching to see the youngsters give their mom a hug.

  • Embracing and accepting one another

    Today we look at Asset #10, Safety. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when they feel safe at home, at school and in the community.”

    This week, the counselors of the Los Alamos Public School District pursued a training called, A Change of Heart.

    The goal of the training is a prevention-based approach to a state mandate to reduce bullying in the schools. This program is an attempt to change school climate by implementing an assets approach.

  • Oppenheimer scholarships awarded

    Nine college-bound high school students from northern New Mexico have been selected for scholarships and an achievement award administered by the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Committee.

    The students are from Los Alamos, Pojoaque Valley and Santa Fe high schools.

    The JROMC has awarded 136 scholarships and other awards totaling $268,000 since the program begun in 1984.

    The philanthropic organization’s scholarship program is supported by several endowments, numerous small, individual donations and major contributions from the Los Alamos National Bank.

  • Softball: Toppers face off against Scorpions in first round

    The Los Alamos Hilltopper softball team ended up in the state Class AAAA playoff seeding right about where manager Roger Anaya figured it would be.

    Eyeballing the potential Class AAAA bracket prior to Sunday’s seeding and selection meeting, Anaya guessed his team would end up somewhere between No. 12 and No. 14.

    Los Alamos was seeded No. 13.

    The AAAA playoffs start Thursday in Las Cruces. Games will be played at the Field of Dreams Complex and the Maag Complex in Las Cruces. The double-elimination tournament continues through Saturday.

    The Hilltoppers finished as the District 2AAAA runners-up behind the Española Valley Sundevils, who were placed in the top half of the 16-team bracket, picking up a No. 8 seed.

  • Health and fitness: Seasonal training is good for gardeners

    This is the time of year when many of you are venturing out of the house and into your yards and gardens.

    While gardening can be a fun and effective way to get some exercise, a little work in the gym will allow you to get even more out of the experience and ensure that you stay injury free all summer long.

    One of the great things I hear is how people’s workouts are positively affecting their lives. And one of the most common statements this time of year is how much more yard and garden work people are able to do if they’ve been exercising.