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  • BHC to issue proposals

    SANTA FE – Gov. Bill Richardson has directed the Behavioral Health Collaborative to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) as soon as possible in anticipation of the need for future changes in the administration and delivery of mental health and substance abuse services.

  • New taxes in Santa Fe protested

    SANTA FE – Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner teamed up earlier today to protest any new taxes at the state capitol.

    “Tax increases only reward reckless spending and make it tougher for small businesses to succeed and for families to make ends meet,” Turner said in  a news release.

    “New Mexico does not need another politician in the governor’s office who doesn’t understand that higher taxes hurt both small business and struggling families.”

  • Material Disposal Area-B activity quickens

    A tree-eating machine devoured part of the landscape on the south side of DP Road in recent days. Next week, a layer of the surface cover will be peeled back to get a little closer to the mysteries that are buried in a 65-year-old hazardous dump.

    The cleanup of the six-acre waste site known as Material Disposal Area B (MDA-B) is moving again, although the major excavation is now planned for early summer.

    The trees had to be removed because they would be within the footprint of the containment buildings or tie-downs where the hazardous material removal will take place.

  • 01-19-10 Update

    This week’s Police Beat

      DWI arrests and an underage drinking party top this week’s Police Beat. See more on Page 2.

    JJAB meeting

      The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) will meet at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday in the LAPS Board Room at 751 Trinity, Los Alamos.  

    R.A.M. elections

  • Domenici’s hat is in

    ALBUQUERQUE — Pete Domenici Jr. formally announced his candidacy for governor during a press conference at the Embassy Suites Sunday afternoon. Members of his family including his famous father, retired Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M, surrounded him.

    Domenici Jr., 50, is an Albuquerque environmental attorney. He explained why he decided to seek the state’s highest office.

  • Safety issues raised red flags

    I could have spoken up about how odd it was to be putting so many people at risk, but I didn’t. I’ll take some blame for that. I’m sorry. Why didn’t I speak up when I noticed that we wanted our youth who ride buses to cross in front of the school bus, but we wanted them to cross behind Atomic City Transit buses? Why didn’t I speak up when I noticed that vehicle drivers must stop for school buses but can whiz past Atomic City Transit (ACT) buses?

  • Response to column on smoking

    I am delighted to read (in “Our kids are on fire,” Monitor, Jan. 15.) that “As a math teacher, (John Pawlak) can safely say that turning a blind eye to the dangers [of smoking] just doesn’t add up.” I wish you could also tell the FDA that refusing to reduce those dangers – by allowing use of e-cigarettes which provide nicotine and flavors without tars and other carcinogens (including radioactivity!) — doesn’t add up either.

  • There are no quick fixes for problems

    To solve our environmental problems, climate change being by far the largest, we need to think about both smaller bites of the problem and the long term. The small bites won’t be baby steps but bold and far-reaching initiatives that each tackle an aspect of the larger problem. And many of our boldest but necessary steps may not bear fruit within our lifetimes.

  • Boys basketball: Sundevils are still the team to beat in District 2

    Emotions are riding high heading into the start of the District 2AAAA boys basketball season.

    Nowhere more so than in Española Valley, where last week, according to the Associated Press, someone tried to set fire to the front door of Sundevil head coach Richard Martinez’s home. While it was unknown if the fire-setting, which was bad enough to send Martinez’s mother to the hospital for smoke inhalation, had anything to do with basketball, it does speak about how seriously fans in the valley are taking the 2009-10 season.

  • Scenes from this morning's snow storm

    The snow this morning was both picturesque to look at and problematic for those responsible for clearing sidewalks and roadways.