Today's News

  • Swimming and diving: LA results from Farmington Invite

    Here are Los Alamos’ results from Saturday’s Farmington Invitational.


    Team scores

    1. Los Alamos, 568; 2. St. Michael’s, 337; 3. Taos, 325; 4. Farmington, 149; 5. Desert Academy, 111; 6. Piedra Vista, 75; 7. Los Lunas, 70; 8. Valencia, 36.

    200 medley relay

    3. Los Alamos B (Molly Finn, Maggie Schappell, Maria Musgrave, Emily TenCate), 2:13.27; 5. Los Alamos A (Victoria Maqueda, Jennifer Barich-Mooday, Sara Thurgood, Natalia Moore), 2:28.48.

    200 freestyle

  • House passes legislation to ban cell phone use while driving

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Legislation that would prohibit drivers in New Mexico from using hand-held cell phones for talking or texting was narrowly approved by the House on Tuesday.

    The bill would make New Mexico the seventh state to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Some of New Mexico's largest cities — Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces — already have municipal ordinances that bar cell phone use for drivers.

    Under the proposed statewide ban, violators would face a misdemeanor penalty of $25.

  • 02-09-10 Update

    Police beat

    A stolen car, unauthorized credit card purchases and a stalker top off this week’s Police Beat. Read the full report on Page 2.

    Lecture tonight

      The Los Alamos Historical Society Lecture Series presents Fred Ribe at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church.

    After school skating

      The Los Alamos Ice Rink will host an After School Valentine’s event from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    Mom/son dance Wednesday

  • Bill takes aim at New Mexico oil and gas rules

    ALBUQUERQUE — A lawmaker from northwest New Mexico, home to one of the nation’s largest natural gas basins, is taking aim at state regulations for oil and natural gas producers.

    Rep. Tom Taylor, R-Farmington, has drafted legislation seeking to rescind the so-called pit rule, which restricts the use of pits for onsite waste disposal at drilling sites. The rule also regulates below-grade tanks and the use of closed loop systems during oil and gas operations.

  • SOS: Election funds run short

    Secretary of State Mary Herrera voiced her concerns that legislators were not going to appropriate enough money for her to run elections this year.

    She brought the problem up at a Senate Rules Committee hearing Monday, during a discussion of SB 136, a bill to provide approved voting systems for elections in New Mexico.

    The secretary and her staff spoke in favor of the bill, but when the subject of money came up, she said the appropriation committee “was not recommending the money we need to run elections.”

  • DOE guards against earthquake

    Los Alamos National Laboratory is taking steps to control the consequences of an improbable earthquake, the kind that might only happen once in a couple of thousand years.

    In a worst-case scenario leading to a fire emergency on the first floor of the lab’s plutonium facility on Pajarito Road, the building might survive, but the fire suppression and ventilation systems might not.

    “You can’t guarantee it,” said John Mansfield, vice chairman of the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board.

  • Spirit ignited

    The Family YMCA has maintained a tradition since its inception 55 years ago — no one is ever turned away for inability to pay. The generosity of patrons attending Saturday night’s Red and Black Ball ensures that will be the case for another year.

    The annual event, held at Central Avenue Grill raised $56,600 between sponsorship, the auction and other gifts.

  • White Rock alignments

    I support only options that contain four lanes of traffic and would prefer full turn lanes. In reality, the project should provide four lanes from Grand Canyon to Rover. The traffic flow along this section (Grand Canyon to Rover) should be designed to facilitate the laboratory traffic off the hill. I do not support a roundabout of any kind and believe they cause poor traffic flow given the American driver’s constant “me first” attitude. These attributes are exacerbated during bad weather and snow. Again, get the traffic off the hill.

  • A shady problem

    We’re probably too late to solve this, but the problem is ice buildup and dangerous walking on the shady side of downtown buildings, along Central Avenue especially. When snow falls, the county does a good job of clearing, but when cars are already in the lots, the snow gets packed down and turns to ice.

    The snow on the north-facing curbs turns to ice and remains there till spring.

  • Democracies fail too

    We in the United States operated under the delusion that the constitutional democracy begun more than 200 years ago can never fail. I’m sure the Romans thought the same in the days before the empire.

    Members of Congress waste about 75 percent of their time on bickering, political posturing and getting reelected. Presidents issue executive orders and institute secret programs than violate our constitution and our laws.

    Most Americans don’t bother voting or don’t bother informing themselves about candidates and issues before they do so.