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  • News Alert: DOH reports H1N1 claims life of 11-year-old Bernalillo County boy

  • Don’t hover! Give kids a chance to learn on own

    This week we take a look at Asset #32, planning and Asset #33, decision making. Earlier this week, I had a call from a parent who had me change my focus for this week.

    I would like to focus on kids who have poor decision-making skills or don’t plan and how we as adults relate to them.

    As adults, we need to help kids take responsibility for their actions, without going down one of two bad paths.

  • On the road to Copenhagen

    For many people concerned about the fate of the planet, going where the action is means one place right now.

    A graduate of Los Alamos High School in 2005 and now a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., Marielle Remillard is about to join a group of her peers from across the country in a visit to Denmark in December.

    It’s already forced her into new territory.

    “On Friday, I did something I’ve never done before,” she wrote in a blog recently. “I attended a meeting at my senator’s office.”

  • Why stay in Afghanistan?

    The so-called experts give various fallacious arguments for increasing our military presence in Afghanistan, as follows:

    Win the war against al Qaeda. This makes no sense because the al Qaeda left Afghanistan long ago, and they are quite happy in Morocco, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, etc.

    Liberate the people from the Taliban. But the Taliban are mostly from the Pashtun ethnic group who want to restore their rule in Afghanistan. The Pashtun make up nearly half the population so we are effectively fighting the Afghan people.

  • News Alert - GAO says Caldera Trust is falling behind

  • Enrolling without a full roster

    Regarding the discussion over the change at the lab from United Health Care to Blue Cross Blue Shield NM and the lack of information about it, I have the following observations.

  • How do we determine how big is best?

    The environment, which is everything on earth, constantly struggles to find the right size for a system.

    Sizes that get tried out alternate between being larger and smaller than today’s models.

    A set of parts that must work together as conditions change. Examples of a system are a live animal, a corporation, an agency, a city and a fuel supply chain.

    Nature evolved dinosaurs. The pterosaur, a flying relative of dinosaurs, had a wingspan of 18 meters (60 ft.). By contrast, the wingspan of the World War II British Spitfire aircraft was a mere 11 meters.

  • Cross country: LA wins big again at district meet

    It was another near-perfect performance for the Los Alamos Hilltopper cross country teams at the District 2AAAA championship meet Friday.

    Friday’s meet, the only actual qualifying meet teams have for advancing to the state cross country meet, which takes place this weekend, was hosted this season by Bernalillo.

    As they have since joining District 2AAAA in 2000, both the Hillltopper boys and girls varsity teams dominated. Los Alamos officially swept the decade with its teams’ performances Friday.

  • Heller steps down as LACA artistic director

    She doesn’t need any more laurels. She has been gathering wreathes full of honors and ovations for nearly 50 years.

    As a performer, piano teacher, founder and mainstay of multiple Los Alamos cultural institutions, Rosalie Heller is giving up one of her most influential roles.

  • The power of human potential to be portrayed in 'Vianney'

    The live theatrical one-man drama, “Vianney,” performed by Leonardo Defilippis, will be presented at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Los Alamos.

    The Los Alamos performance will be the third stop in the New Mexico tour of this acclaimed production of the life of St. John Vianney. Other performances will take place at St. Anne’s Church in Santa Fe today, St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Rio Rancho Sunday,