Today's News

  • Fried Light: The future in a nutshell

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” as the campaign slogan for the United Negro College has pressed into our heads for over thirty-five years, while raising $2.2 billion for its cause.

    And what about a country? What about a world?

  • Buffalo Thunder designed to dazzle

    POJOAQUE – Lightning flashes, thunder crashes and some lucky person caught playing the slots along Thunder Alley wins a big thank you reward from the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino.

    This is but one of many surprises awaiting the throng of guests expected to visit New Mexico's largest resort and casino set to open Aug. 12.

    Situated about 12 miles north of Santa Fe and just off NM 84/285 in Pojoaque, the enormous new resort nestled on 587 acres includes 390 Hilton rooms and suites, a 16,000-square-foot spa and a state-of-the-art casino.

  • Sky eye offers airborne security

    Although still somewhat under wraps, a project known as Angel Fire has been mentioned enough recently to arouse some curiosity.

    Described formally as a “wide field of view persistent surveillance (WFVPS) aerial collection asset,” in an Air Force document, it is also less formally described by Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio as technology for real time situational awareness on the battlefield.

  • The power of Oprah

    Having Oprah Winfrey be associated with a book can definitely push it into the spotlight.

    Bret Lott, the bestselling author of “Jewel” and “The Difference between Women and Men” and the editor of “The Southern Review,” can attest to Winfrey’s literary power.

  • Declaring war on cancer

    The mission and the operation remain identical to previous years, but this year’s Relay for Life, Los Alamos has a new appearance.

    Before, the event was held in conjunction to the Los Alamos Summer Concert series and set at Ashley Pond.

    However, event chair Hilde Fitzgerald explained there were some safety concerns about the pond setting and with the municipal building being torn down right next door.

    “I needed a plan B,” she said.

  • Golf: Johnson, Sanchez will attempt to defend their 07 City crowns

    A pair of reigning champions will look to defend their titles this weekend at Los Alamos Golf Course.

    Tim Johnson and Eddie Sanchez will be among the 47 men entered in the 2008 Los Alamos City Championship Tournament, which starts Saturday with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. The tournament is scheduled to continue through Sunday at LAGC.

    In 2007, Johnson took the men’s city title, topping Jason Norman by two strokes and Curt Norman by six strokes.

  • Baseball: Roadrunner tops Carlsbad in final

    An improbable run through the bottom half of the state tournament bracket took Albuquerque Roadrunner all the way to the championship.

    Roadrunner, which lost its first game of the tournament on the final play Saturday, bounced back to win four straight games to get to the state playoff series. Then, Thursday night, Roadrunner swept a doubleheader from the Carlsbad All-Stars to claim the state Juniors Little League title.

  • We must support our transit system

    High fuel prices are hurting everyone. People are cutting down on their driving, they are driving more carefully and they are taking the bus.

    Ridership on the buses to Santa Fe and Albuquerque are up and if you have been on one of the Atomic City buses you’d see a high ridership.

    In fact, many routes at many times have packed buses as people seek to get relief from the high price of gas.

  • But I digress: It's a strange world

    And getting stranger every day. Sometimes I find myself shaking my head in such disbelief that I risk injuring myself.

    For example, I recently read about one of the latest drug crazes in the “club circuit.” Men who go to these clubs like to tear their shirts off and show their rippling muscles to the women. Oh, you don’t have rippling muscles? No problem! Simply rub phenylephrine HCL over your entire torso and your skin will tighten up, enhancing what muscles you do have.

  • Council: Skate park appeal on agenda

    The appeal of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s approval of the site plan for the Skate Park to be placed in front of the Mesa Public Library has been scheduled.

    It will be held during Tuesday’s county council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers (Community Building, 475 20th St.)

    The meeting will be televised live on PAC 8, as well as Internet streaming at www.losalamos.com/pac8. The council’s agenda will be posted on the county’s website, hard copies are available at the public libraries and Customer Care Center.