Today's News

  • Happy not to be in last place (again)

    New Mexico is so often near the bottom of any national ranking on child well-being, that we find ourselves in the sad position of saying “thank goodness for Mississippi,” or “thank goodness for Louisiana,” because without two impoverished states, we’d more often than not end up in last place.

  • Pueblo, County share economic development interests

    Partnerships work best when all the parties involved share common interests. This holds true for neighbors, such as Los Alamos County and San Ildefonso Pueblo, especially when economic development is involved.

    Late last week, the county council met with San Ildefonso Pueblo leaders in a joint council meeting at Fuller Lodge to discuss common interests.


    Sunday was Flag Day and a ceremony was held at Ashley Pond in celebration of the event. Rep. Jeannette Wallace read the governor’s proclamation and Council Vice Chair Mike Wismer read the county’s. There was a parade of flags from our past (such as the Grand Union flag to the upper left) and lessons on flag history. The event was sponsored by the Order of Elks 2083, the Military Order of the World Wars, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary and the Los Alamos Republican Women.

  • Running: Hanson wins men’s 13-mile title

    Hans-Peder Hanson was the top overall finisher in the men’s half-marathon at Saturday’s Valles Caldera Marathon.

    Hanson, from Los Alamos, finished the men’s 13-mile event in 1 hour, 38 minutes, 45 seconds, almost eight minutes ahead of second-place overall finisher, Neil Blake of Rio Rancho.

    Rio Rancho’s Shawn Cunnings was the men’s overall winner in the marathon. Cunnings finished with a time of 3:49:05. Ruthanne Hamrick of Cedar Crest was the women’s overall winner in Saturday’s marathon, clocking a time of 4:22:47.

  • Baseball: County tourney gets going tonight

    The 2009 Los Alamos County Little League Majors Tournament opens tonight.

    The annual tournament pits the Majors Little League teams in a double-elimination bracket. It continues through at least June 23 with a possible championship playoff game scheduled for June 24.

    Tonight, the fourth-seeded White Rock Indians take on the fifth-seeded Los Alamos Rockies. That game is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Alan Byers Field at Overlook Park.

  • Demonstration garden ready for summer

    Spring is creeping into the Demonstration Garden and the NMSU Master Gardeners are busy. The unusual rainfall has benefited the emerging plants and made the ground easier to work. Last year’s newest plot, the Oasis garden, is in bloom and this year’s new Perennial Herb bed is taking shape.

    The Oasis garden was begun as a demonstration of what can be done in an area that can receive extra water.

  • Big prize for a young naturalist

    Nathan Clements, a thoughtful 15-year old student at Los Alamos High School, was honored with a Young Naturalist Award on May 29 in New York City.


    “There’s a lot of competition,” he said Friday, back from an extended trip to the East Coast. “But if you put the effort into it and follow the outline they give you, it’s a very rewarding and exciting contest.”


  • Council to meet in White Rock this week

    County council will meet at 7 p.m. at the White Rock Town Hall on Tuesday for their monthly work session.

    The consent portion of the agenda is heavy, with seven items of business listed. The business portion of the agenda has only three items listed.

    The first consent agenda items is a motion that would grand applications to the Federal Aviation Administration and New Mexico Department of Transportation, Aviation Division, in the amounts of $450,288 and $11,850 respectively, to fund the construction of drainage improvements at the Los Alamos Airport.

  • A-19 toured for the first time

    Economic development is at the forefront of the White Rock Center Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy.

    The community’s vision for the White Rock Center is to create a thriving, active focal point that serves the community with a range of sevices and amenities. Part of creating such a community involves developing Parcel A-19.

    Earlier this week, the White Rock Master Plan Committee, along with residents, representatives from the county and LACD Executive Director Kevin Holsapple took a tour of the parcel.

  • Blowing out 60 candles

    Flames from 60 candles flickered and danced on a pale blue birthday cake Friday at Fuller Lodge to celebrate Los Alamos’ 60th anniversary.

    Members of the community, young and old, came to wish the town a happy birthday and help blow the candles out.

    Fuller Lodge was decked to the nines for the party, which was sponsored by the county, Los Alamos National Bank and Los Alamos National Security LLC. On the lawn were inflatable jumping games for children and blue and white balloons.