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  • Committee hears ins and outs of hydrogen fuel research

    A legislative committee wrapped up two days of hearings Friday with an in-depth presentation on hydrogen technology research at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Committee Chairman Rep. John Heaton, D-Eddy said one purpose of hearings was to delve into the subject of energy alternatives that were important to the nation.

    “We’ve raised the bar,” he said, before the second session of the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee began at Fuller Lodge.

  • On the search for fungi

    Did you know that the Jemez Mountains are known throughout the international mycological community as a location of abundant mushroom diversity? Ever wanted to know more about those funny fungi? Saturday, the community will get its chance.

    Join Mycologist Kristi Beguin for an introduction to the mushrooms that grow in the Jemez Mountains. Participants will hunt for mushrooms, discuss collection and identification methods and observe all the joys the rainy season can bring to mycophiles.

  • Have you met your 'litte'

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern New Mexico (BBBS) is looking for adults that have a few hours a month to make the difference in the life of a child.

    The organization’s school-based program, known to old-timers as Lunch Buddies, is ready to start the process for those volunteers who can spend even one hour a week having lunch with one of the many students – or “littles” in Los Alamos Public Schools.

  • Sadness strikes local GOP headquarters grand opening

    The death of Rep. Steve Pearce’s father brought a veil of sadness over the official grand opening festivities of the Republican Party headquarters at 1370-A Central Ave. on Monday afternoon.

  • Local officer ensures family's name lives on

    With a son on the way and no one left to carry on his grandfather’s name, Los Alamos Police Sgt. Jason Wardlow is officially changing his name to Jason Wardlow Herrera this month.

    Wardlow, 30, is an only child. His mother Pennie Herrera Wardlow expressed how much it means to her and the rest of the family that her son wants to perpetuate the family name.

    “My mom and dad, sister and grandmother were killed in a car accident in April of 1958 between Espanola and Santa Fe when I was 8-and-a-half-years-old,” she said.

  • Hurricane complicates GOP National Convention

    Both President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheny canceled their appearances on day one of the 2008 Republican National Convention Monday as Hurricane Gustav raced toward New Orleans.

    The first-night program was cut from seven to two-and-a-half-hours and aides of presumptive presidential nominee John McCain chartered a jet to fly delegates back to their hurricane-threatened states along the Gulf Coast.

    The formal business of the convention includes nominating McCain for president and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate Wednesday.


    Katherine Ashcraft was born March 8, 1919, in Ozark, AR, to the home of Maud and Everett Benson. She passed from this life August 23, 2008, at Roosevelt General Hospital in Portales, NM, at the age of 89.

    Katherine grew up in Arkansas for the early years of her life. She moved to San Diego, CA, for a period during World War II, where she worked in an aircraft manufacturing plant. After the war she returned to Ozark, where she married James F. Ashcraft on October 17, 1950.

  • Municipal Building

    The Municipal Building issue has been controversial since the day it was announced that there were structural problems with it.

    Today, that building is gone but the matter of the facility remains a bone of contention for many folks.

    Now the council has approved a plan to move completely away from the Ashley Pond site, a location that up until this week, most residents seemed to favor. Is this a good move?

  • Uninsured rates increase in N.M.

    According to a new report from the Census Bureau, released by the Associated Press, New Mexicans are increasingly without medical insurance. Of course Gov. Bill Richardson says this underscores the need for health care reforms.

    And while that may be true, it is also true that many New Mexicans do not take advantage of the programs that are already currently available.

    According to the report, slightly more than one in five New Mexicans lack health insurance and nearly that many live in poverty.

  • Legislators hear interim storage and reprocessing ideas

    A panel of legislators meeting in Fuller Lodge Friday heard updates on the Yucca Mountain repository and called on researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory for reports on current energy issues in the state and nation.

    Rep. John A. Heaton, D-Eddy, committee chairman, began the proceedings by delivering a summary of the status of interim storage of nuclear fuel prepared for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), which represents the nuclear industry.