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  • 02-02-10 Update

    Police Beat

    Shoplifting and property damage top the Police Beat this week. See Page 2 for the full report.

    GOP pre-primary convention

      Los Alamos Republicans will hold their pre-primary convention Feb. 18 at the Best Western Hilltop House Hotel at 400 Trinity Drive. The purpose of the convention is to elect delegates to the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) Pre-Primary Nominating Convention March 13 in Albuquerque.

  • Slate of public meetings this week


    • The National Park Service will host a public meeting to discuss a draft study on the creation of a Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Los Alamos. The meeting will be held from 5-

    7 p.m. at Fuller Lodge, 2132 Central Avenue.

  • Nuclear security given high priority

    The first round of budget proposals looks unusually favorable for Los Alamos National Laboratory next year. The FY2011 Department of Energy budget announced Monday called for an extra $393 million for the nuclear weapons laboratory.

    The prospective raise comes after a leveling period and at a time when other discretionary parts of the budget are expected to be flat or worse.

    Altogether the Obama administration proposed a $3.83 trillion budget for the nation that comes with a $1.27 trillion deficit.

  • Warm hearts, warmer heads

    Some may be for and some may be against war, but those opinions aren’t shared by a knitting group that gathers weekly in Tsikumu Village. The 17 women encompass a diverse mix of religions, political beliefs and professional lives from explosives expert to schoolteacher.

    What’s important is the comfort of American soldiers. To that end, the group took on a new mission recently to hand-knit helmet warmers for the troops serving on the freezing front lines overseas.

  • Family narrowly escapes home

    Anyone living without carbon monoxide detectors in their home may rethink that decision after reading what happened this weekend to Los Alamos County employee Leslie Bucklin and her four daughters.

    Normally the entire family is in bed by 11 p.m., but Sunday night Bucklin and her daughter Lauren, 17, were rearranging furniture on the main floor of their four-story condo as the other children slept upstairs.

    They didn’t notice their home filling with carbon monoxide. There was no odor. There were no fumes.

  • Caution, people crossing

    I have been a frequent pedestrian in Los Alamos for more than 20 years. My family also loves and rides Atomic City Transit several times a week. We live just a few blocks from where November’s very sad accident took place. All that has been written about the accident in this column has neglected to mention one thing – the crosswalks in this town are the most dangerous places to cross the streets.

  • There went the neighborhood

    Back in the day, it was determined that Los Alamos High School needed a top flight Latin teacher. Thing was, Mrs. Fries had left the east coast for somewhere in the Southwest and no one knew where “somewhere” was going to be.

  • Oil Patch Times: 2009 economics

    Going on four years now, lobbyists for New Mexico’s oil and gas industry have said the “Pit Rule” should be based on sound science.

    If they wanted to be judged on facts, they would supply a decent sampling of information. Instead, their pitch crumbles into raw politics as other information pops out in print.


    Ms. Spence's sixth grade GATE class, Heart to Heart, will host a bake sale from 12:30-4 p.m. Wednesday in the Los Alamos National Bank lobby. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to benefit the victims of the Haitian earthquake. 

  • News Advisory: Probate judge to seek full term