Today's News

  • Schools’ lobbyist discloses special legislative session

    Lobbyist Scott Scanland told local school board members and district administrators Tuesday evening that Gov. Richardson intends to call a special session in October.

    Scanland, whose  annual $10,000 lobbying contract was unanimously approved during the meeting, explained that Richardson and legislative leaders in the House and Senate agreed to call a special session of the legislature, probably in October.

  • A big-box is vital to Los Alamos

    In my view all of the options for the Trinity site development presented to the council on July 23 will lead to the eventual termination of negotiations with Boyer and with that we will lose any chance of getting a new big box store in the near future. This is an unacceptable outcome for our community.

  • July was a good monsoon month

    Los Alamos County had rain on 20 days in July, so the monsoon appeared to be in full swing. But how much the monsoon is to be credited for the rain is questionable.

    Indeed, the first major storms of the month, which brought a combined 1.3 inches of rain on July 5th and 6th and the largest hail this meteorologist has ever seen, had perfect monsoon conditions associated with them.

  • Golf: Senior men’s results from 2- day Pion Hills tournament

    A trio of local golfers made a push for a flight victory at the Aug. 3-4 Northern New Mexico Senior Men’s Golf Association tournament.

    The two-day tournament was held Piñon Hills Golf Course in Farmington.

    Los Alamos’ Jeff Brown finished with a gross score of 84 in day-one play, finishing two shots behind Wally Bryniarski of Durango, Colo., in first flight play.

    On day two, Ron Krantz of Los Alamos finished second in low gross score to Ralph Hey of Westcliffe, Colo. The two were vying for the second flight title.

  • Hard labor pays off for YCC

    A slight breeze brought much needed relief to members of the Youth Conservation Corps Friday, as they took a short break from their laborious work on the county’s trail system.


    Two groups gathered under a couple of small trees, enjoying the little bit of shade the trees provided. Some sipped from their water bottles, while others just sat and enjoyed the time away from working.


  • Contra dance to be held Saturday

    Some of the dances date back to the 17th century and originates from places including New England and the British Aisles. Despite old age and far-away birthplaces, contra dances’ effect on people has not diminished. Once the fiddlers, guitarists, pianist and other musicians begin to play, toes are guaranteed to start tapping and people will run to the dance floor.  

    See for yourself at the upcoming Los Alamos Contra Dance, which starts at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Unitarian Church, 1738 N. Sage St.

  • Golf: NNMSMGA recent results

    Here are the results from the Northern New Mexico Senior Men’s Golf Association tournaments at Cattails Golf Course in Alamosa, Colo., and the Rio Grande Club in South Fork, Colo.

    July 21

    Cattails Golf Course, Alamosa, Colo.

    First flight

    First low gross

    Grover Hathorn, South Fork, Colo., 81.

    Second low gross

    Cole Proctor, Texas Creek, Colo., 82.

    First low net

    Carl Liddell, Alamosa, Colo., 67.

    Second low net

    Mike Porter, Alamosa, Colo., 71.

  • Community reflects on an exemplary life

    Dr. James E. Loucks gave birth to some 7,500 babies during his distinguished career as an obstetrician-gynecologist. One of the founding fathers of Los Alamos as a self-governing entity, Loucks died Aug. 1.

    People who knew him, generations of people he literally brought into the world and people who were touched by his generosity and spirit have been reminded again what a special person he was and what a profound loss the community now suffers.

    The doctor and his family

  • Some things you already knew

    Anybody who reads my ramblings knows that I like trivia, obscure facts and stuff like that.

    Well, my wife came across this on the web and I thought it was interesting enough to pass on. And besides, maybe you can learn something.

    • Stewardesses is the longest word typed with only the left hand.

    • Lollipop is the longest word typed with your right hand.

    • No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple.

    • Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt.”

  • Some hard choices ahead

    The council is faced with two very important decisions right now. We think they are acting properly in regards to one but we have some serious questions about the other.

    When County Administrator Max Baker announced his decision to retire, we thought we were told that there would be an honest, open process. And while it is still early, we are still waiting for that process.