Today's News

  • Council approves animal shelter budget revision

    The approval for Budget Revision No. 2009-22 in the amount of $140,000 for the Animal Shelter Project should have been quick and easy because it was listed as part of the consent agenda. However, after council approved the agenda, Councilor Vincent Chiravalle asked that the animal shelter item be moved from the consent agenda to the business portion of the agenda during Tuesday night’s Council meeting.


  • Stalking: Know it; name it; stop it

    A crime that disrupts and victimizes people from all walks of life and in every community in America is being highlighted during January’s Stalking Awareness Month.


  • Safety board sounds fire protection alarm

    A federal oversight agency has rebuked the National Nuclear Security Administration that oversees Los Alamos National Laboratory for failing to resolve a number of issues related to fire protection.


    A report based on a three-day visit to the laboratory in July, called for fulfilling longstanding recommendations for a 60 percent increase in minimum staffing – from 28 to 45 per shift and a “hot patient” protocol for dealing with contaminated victims, among other emergency preparations.


  • We need real change

    Dear Editor,

    I attended the Dec. 16 County Council meeting in support of Min Park’s petition to stop funding  construction of the Judicial/Police/Complex until concerns of location, size and cost were fully addressed.  At this meeting, council members spoke of concerns with these very issues, yet even those who voiced the strongest concerns voted to fund the project as designed. 

  • Vote YES on bond election

    Dear Editor,

     With the upcoming school bond election we have an opportunity to invest in improving our educational infrastructure. This is a very sound investment, unlike those that have contributed to our national economic ills. 

  • Support bond election effort

    Dear Editor,

     What? You want me to vote to raise taxes to support schools when I do not have a child in school? What about the failing economy, the stock market, the mortgage crisis? What is wrong with the schools we have? Children have been attending schools here for years and they are fine. Should seniors have to pay higher taxes to support our schools?   

  • Applications being accepted for council vacancy

    Los Alamos NM – On Tuesday evening, the County Council approved a process whereby citizens interested in being appointed to the currently vacant council seat can submit a letter of interest to the Council. Under the County charter, any qualified person who is a registered voter and resident of the county, but who is not employed by the County, may serve on the Council. Applicants are asked to submit a one or two page letter indicating why they would be interested in serving on the Council. The letter must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

  • Senate committee wades into energy future

  • Guilty until show innocence

    It was with very mixed emotions that we watched the Bill Richardson saga unfold last weekend.

    There were some real positives to his leaving now and his decision to quit the process to join the Obama administration means he will stay here a bit longer.

    But what bothers us the most is his statement that while he is innocent, he is quitting anyway.

    That is not the way it should be.

    If you are innocent of something, that false accusation should not cause you to surrender. We remember the day when you were innocent until someone proved you were guilty.

  • Forum spotlights school candidates; bond

    A crowd braved the cold Thursday evening to hear school board candidates and those running for UNM-LA's advisory board present backgrounds and ideas for advancing local education.

    District 2 school board candidate Melanie McKinley is a chemical engineer and stay at home mom whose children are 6, 8, 10 and 12 years of age. "When I finish my first term, I will have two high schoolers, a middle schooler and one child in elementary school," she said.