Today's News

  • Rock out with JT and the Clouds

    On Friday, the Chicago band, JT and the Clouds will entertain fans of the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series at Ashley Pond.
    Though they prefer not to be labeled, JT and the Clouds are bluesy, rough-edged, soulful rockers. They’ve been compared to Sam Cooke, The Band, Velvet Underground, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and M. Ward. They’ll play ballads as well as jazz, folk-rock and Motown/Philly/Memphis-sounding dance music.
    The group has been making music and touring since 2004. Last year the Chicago Tribune dubbed them as one of its “... ten artists on the bridge of breaking big in 2010.” The band is touring all over the country and the world, with Friday being Los Alamos’ turn.

  • Energy prices held back growth in first quarter

    WASHINGTON — High gasoline prices, government budget cuts and weaker-than-expected consumer spending caused the economy to grow only weakly in the first three months of the year.
    The Commerce Department estimated Thursday that the economy grew at an annual rate of 1.8 percent in the January-March quarter. That was the same as its first estimate a month ago.
    Consumer spending grew at just half the rate of the previous quarter. And a surge in imports widened the U.S. trade deficit.
    Most economists think the economy is growing only slightly better in the current April-June quarter. Consumers remain squeezed by gas prices, scant pay increases and a depressed housing market.

  • Fractal image brightens 15th St.

    A colorful fractal image, created by Piñon Elementary School sixth grade artist Niamh Short, was unveiled on an 18-foot by 7-foot mural on the exterior wall of Metzger’s on Central Avenue at 15th Street Wednesday afternoon.

    “I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and I like to cartoon. I thought this project would be fun and felt that I had a shot at winning,” Short, 11, said.

    The mural is part of MainStreet’s Los Alamos Creative District initiative in which local elementary school students participated in the Los Alamos Public Schools Fractal Challenge.

  • UFO crashes into Black Hole's fence

    Ed Beaty stepped out of  his home around 7 p.m.Tuesday and he could not believe how hard the wind was blowing.

    “There must have been gusts of 80 mph,” Beaty said.

    Beaty also happens to be the owner of the Black Hole on Arkansas Ave. And he was in for a surprise on Wednesday when he got to work.

    “High winds made a UFO crash into my fence and the whereabouts of the pilot are unknown,” Beaty laughed. “That’s my story and I am sticking to it.”

  • 'Supersolid' in Helium-4 research questioned

    The long-held, but unproven idea that helium-4 enters into an exotic phase of matter dubbed a “supersolid” when cooled to extremely low temperatures has been challenged in a new paper published recently in Science.
    Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers Alexander Balatsky and Matthias Graf joined Cornell University physicist J.C. Séamus Davis and others in describing an alternative explanation for behavior of helium-4 that led scientist to believe for nearly 40 years that the substance could hold properties of a liquid and solid at the same time when cooled to near Absolute Zero.

  • DPU seeks rate hike

    The Los Alamos Board of Public Utilities voted to increase water rates Wednesday but it’s not a done deal yet.

    The increase would raise wholesale rates an average of 5 percent and residential rates an average of 6 percent. The proposal now goes to the county council for approval.

    The proposed rate hike will be introduced to council June 7 and a public hearing is slated for June 28.
    Janet Bettinger, deputy utilities manager for administration and finance, prepared and presented the report to the DPU board.

    The wholesale rate has not been hiked since 2008. At that time, the board deferred raising retail rates, which were subsequently raised in 2010.

  • Uptick in purging medicine cabinets

    The Drug Enforcement Administration’s second National Prescription Drug Take-Back event April 30 turned in more than 376,593 pounds (188 tons) of unwanted or expired medications for safe and proper disposal at the 5,361 take-back sites that were available in all 50 states. This is 55 percent more than the 242,000 pounds (121 tons) the public brought in during last September’s event.

    Los Alamos police joined forces with the DEA for the second year of the event.

    “The DEA developed this program to offer people a responsible way to dispose of their expired prescription medication,” Chief Det. Oliver Morris said, adding that expired prescription medications often accumulate in the home or from a loved one who has died.

  • Top 10 Movies 05-26-11

    1.  “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” weekend gross, $90 million
    2.  “Bridesmaids,”  weekend gross,
    $20.8 million
    3.  “Thor” weekend gross,
    $15.4 million
    4.  “Fast Five,” $10.5 million
    5. “Priest,” weekend gross, $4.7 million
    6.  “Rio,” weekend gross, $4.6 million
    7.   “Jumping the Broom,” weekend gross, $3.7 million

    8.  “Something Borrowed,” weekend gross, $3.5 million

    9.  “Water for Elephants,” weekend gross, $2.1 million

  • Out and about 05-26-11

    Art openings

    Colette Campbell-Jones will display, “Stories From Underground,” visual reconstructions of oral histories from the coal miners in South Wales. The exhibit will run through July 30 at photo-eye Gallery, 376-A Garcia St., Santa Fe. An opening reception will be from 5-7 p.m. June 3.

    Jennifer J.L. Jones will exhibit, “Serenata,” new paintings at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, 200-B Canyon Road, Santa Fe. An opening reception will be from 5-7 p.m. May 27. The exhibit continues through June 12.

    Art shows

  • LA Happenings 05-26-11


    The Jan McDonald Jazz Trio will perform from 7:30-9:30 p.m. June 4 at the Blue Window Bistro. Tickets are $15 per person and dinner reservations are required.

    Lads of Enchantment, a chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, invites the public to join them in song.  Besides the enjoyment of singing in harmony, barbershop chorus and quartets experience the thrill of performing in the community. They meet at 7:15 p.m. on Thursdays at the United Church of Los Alamos, Graves Hall. Attendees will find their chapter meetings are well planned, musically satisfying and fun. Visitors are welcome.