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  • State News at a Glance 03-03-11

    Bingaman keeps an eye on oil prices, supplies

    ALBUQUERQUE — U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman said continued turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa could lead to disruption  of oil supplies and even higher prices.
    Bingaman, the New Mexico Democrat and chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said it would be appropriate for President Barack Obama to be ready to consider tapping the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve if the situation deteriorates further.

  • NCRTD pays tribute to Jim West

    Due to his vision and leadership in the North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD), the new transit center will be named in honor of former Los Alamos County Councilor Jim West.

  • Getting some direction

    A construction worker assists his co-worker while doing work on Diamond Drive Monday.

  • Be There 03-03-11

    The March meeting of the Los Alamos Master Gardeners will be at 7 p.m. in the White Rock Town Hall.

    Teatro Paraguas will present Jim Sagel, poeta Nuevo Mexicano, a tribute to the poet, writer, instructor, and long-time Española resident at 7 p.m. in the UNM-Los Alamos Lecture Hall (Bldg. 2). The event is free of charge and open to everyone.

  • Student journalists

    On Feb. 14, the Los Alamos Monitor unveiled Teen Pulse, a page that features content produced for teens, by teens. The students pictured are some of the members of the Teen Pulse staff.
    From left to right, front row: Maria-Jaleh McTeigue, Dana Crooks, Cary Bronson, Adam Brehm, Tom Hanlon. Left to right, top row: Sebastian Garcia, Safiya Bahar, Alexandra Hehlen, Ariane Oro and Courtney Collier. Not pictured: Katelyn Collier.
    Teen Pulse runs every Sunday.

  • Obama praises Mexico for courage in drug wars

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has praised Mexican President Felipe Calderon for his “extraordinary courage” in fighting drug cartels and cracking down on violence at the U.S.-Mexico border.
    Speaking alongside Calderon at a news conference, Obama said Mexico has a full partner with the United States in combating border violence. He says the U.S. is speeding up plans to send equipment to Mexico and train officials there to help in their efforts.

  • Update 03-03-11

    T-Board meeting
    The Transportation Board will meet from 5:30-7:30 p.m. today at the Public Works Conference Room, located on 2101 Trinity Drive behind JR Clothing.

    Town hall meeting
    A sustainability town hall will be from 8 a.m.-noon Saturday at the Crossroads Bible Church, 97 East Road.  The event is free and snacks and refreshments will be provided.   


  • House passes state budget

    SANTA FE — The House narrowly approved a proposed budget on Wednesday that cuts state spending by nearly 3 percent next year and uses savings from public employee pensions and film subsidies to balance the financing blueprint for public education and government programs.
    The vote was 35-34 as 34 Democrats and Rep. Jeanette Wallace (R-Los Alamos) voted for passage of the budget. The budget will now be sent to the Senate.

  • New retail in LA: shoppers check out co-op market

    The Los Alamos Co-op Market had been open only a few minutes Wednesday afternoon but already the parking lot was filled with cars spilling out onto side streets.

    After five years of work to take the market from concept to reality, shoppers filled the store to see what that effort had produced.

  • Where the major players are now

    Editor’s note: This is the fourth and final story in a multi-part series

    Corruption and cover-up in the early part of the last decade called into question the University of California’s contract to operate Los Alamos National Laboratory on behalf of the Department of Energy for the first time in 60 years.

    Texas Congressman Joe Barton, who chaired the Energy and Commerce Committee at the time, suggested one way to clean up corruption at the lab was to shut it down.