Today's News

  • Bad news for Bear Mountain

     My environmental column in the Monitor Tuesday (Oct. 6) extolled the virtues of Myra McCormick and the Bear Mountain Lodge she bequeathed to The Nature Conservancy.

       Bad news from Silver City came the next morning.

    A business story in the Albuquerque Journal was headlined: “Nature Conservancy’s Bear Mountain Lodge Near Silver City Succumbs to Budget Woes ... NO MORE GUESTS.”

    The space between the two-story headings was filled with a large color photo of Ms. McCormick sitting on the low white wall in front of the lodge.

  • Wishes Vives-Hull matter would end, but ...

    I believe most in this community would have been happy to let the Vives-Hull lawsuit end with the jury verdict and all move on with our lives. Instead, Mr. Vives’ lawyer, Paul Mannick, chose to keep the issue alive by his abusive assault on Linda Hull in his letter to the Monitor. What’s wrong, Mr. Mannick, couldn’t prove your case in court and now you have to justify your legal fees to your client by airing your closing arguments again?

  • Independent course on Trinity Place is best way

    The decision by Los Alamos County Council on Sept. 28 to find a new path for Trinity Place and the Los Alamos economy was a gutsy move. 

    It was also the right thing to do. It means that Los Alamos will be designed with Los Alamos in mind. It is a first step toward an economically independent and self-reliant economy and community. Though it may take a bit longer, it will be well worth the wait. 

  • There's more to brains than the size of a hat

    People are unusual animals. We spend a lot of time watching mediocre T.V., but we also describe our thoughts in written language.  We pour beer on our heads at football games, but we also study the whole history of life on Earth preserved in fossils.

    It’s not our biceps that make us people special, but our thoughts. What makes our thinking so complex, able to soar with the poets and solve problems with an engineer?

  • Hilltoppers make one goal count against Capital

    The final score doesn’t always reveal the essence of a contest. That was the case Tuesday as the Los Alamos Hilltopper boys soccer team came away with a 1-0 victory over district rival Santa Fe Capital High School.

    Despite the narrow point advantage, Hilltopper head coach Even Gartz said it was not as close as it sounded.

    “We dominated the game,” he said. “We put them back on their heels when we scored in the eighth minute.”

  • Girls take Capital team to soccer school

    Shanna Riciputi had three goals to lead the Hilltopper girls soccer team in their first meeting with Capital High this year.

    An 8-0 lead at half time, took a lot of the suspense out of the game Tuesday.

    Lindsay Benage had two goals, including the 10th point of the match, taking the girls to a 10-0 victory.

    The other six points were scored by Kelsey Neal, Clare Charsley-Groffman, Amelia Neal Keanna Cohen and Feliz Pacheco.

    The team now stands 4-0 in district and 11-3 overall. They play second-place Taos Saturday.

  • Mountain Elementary’s new fundraiser a huge success

    At Mountain Elementary School, students selling popcorn cans, wrapping paper and candy were pushed aside in favor of another fundraising effort.

    Rather than trekking miles around neighborhoods selling novelties door-to-door, Mountain Elementary students will walk around the track at Sullivan Field.

    The fundraiser, called “FUN”d Run, invited students to send out sponsor letters to family members and friends, asking them to sponsor them as they walk around the track, Robbie Harris, Parent Teacher Association president, said.

  • Combating health problems with education

    As a middle school student, P.E. was never a real highlight and at lunchtime I was always hopeful that my friends would share their cartons of fries. Looking back at this period of time, I wonder what in the world I was thinking.

    Luckily for today’s fifth grade students from the Los Alamos Public Schools, the Los Alamos Cooperative Extension office is helping them brush away bad health habits.

    On Sept. 29, the extension office hosted Just Be It! Healthy and Fit at the First Baptist Church.

  • College board casts critical vote

    With their backs against the wall, the UNM-LA Advisory Board has directed administration to proceed with a bond election in early 2010.

    “We need to let the public know that this is necessary because adverse forces beyond your control have driven UNM-LA to a really difficult, unfortunate financial situation,” Board Member Nelson Hoffman said to college officials gathered in the lecture hall Tuesday evening.

  • Council awards contract

    After departing last week from their long-term plan of using Boyer Co. exclusively for developing Trinity Site, Los Alamos County Council returned to its script for demolishing it. By packaging the demolition of Trinity Site with that of the Los Alamos Apartments, they also save a bundle over previous estimates.

    In keeping with the plan, council voted 5-1 to award a bid made by Coronado Wrecking and Salvage Co. to tear down four of the five Los Alamos apartments and all but one of the remaining buildings on Trinity site.