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  • Health and fitness: Select the right type of weights

    It’s a new year and many of you may have resolved to make this the year you get in better shape and embrace a healthier lifestyle. For those of you with little gym experience, it might be good to review some of the equipment you might encounter when entering the gym.

  • Hanging with Hong

    With a little help from a group of patrons in Los Alamos, an internationally known Korean artist was able to make an encore recently in northern New Mexico.

    Soun Hong, the Korean painter whose installation drew praise at the recent Site Santa Fe’s Biennial, “Lucky Number 7,” came back to participate in a unique educational outreach program in the Santa Fe schools.

    Phil Hertzman, a physician who practices in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, said he was very glad to be involved in a group effort to enable Hong’s return from Korea earlier this month.

  • Council has a tough choice

    In fulfilling its legal role in filling the vacant county council seat left by the resignation of Jim West, the council has a tough task before it.

    With applications from 11 local residents, many of whom have considerable community experience and knowledge, their task is not an easy one.

    The vacant seat has been the subject of discussion and dissension for a couple of months now. And in all honesty, it will be a surprise if that debate ends Tuesday.

  • Valles Caldera reports progress and missed goals

    Don’t panic. The grace period for the Valles Caldera National Preserve is not half over, it’s half begun.


    This in paraphrase is what the preserve’s new executive director had to say about the organization’s report to Congress on its progress last year.


    “What the trust has been striving to do is to keep on the straight and narrow with the mandates they have by law,” Gary Bratcher said in a telephone call Thursday.


  • Representatives react to speech

    The Legislature convened on Tuesday for its 49th session and faces many budgetary issues.


    In his State of the state address, Gov. Richardson mentioned the state’s rainy-day fund, in which there is more than $400 million to help cover the huge deficit the state faces.


    Republican Minority Leader Rep. Thomas Taylor and Minority Whip Rep. Keith Gardner agreed that the state faces some serious matters.


  • Superintendent responds

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to the questions that were posed by Don Willerton in the Jan. 8th edition of the Monitor.

    • The Board did not “write off six million dollars in missing money.”  The audit for SY 06-07 indicated that a system was not in place to track and inventory our fixed assets which were valued at approximately $6 million. However, a system is now in place and our audit for SY 07-08 reflects the inventory tracking our fixed assets.  None of these assets were missing.

  • New Mexico Women in Business is coming to town

    A new organization for women business owners called “New Mexico Women in Business” is opening in Los Alamos.

    The organization is comprised of  women who own their own businesses, whether home-based or in a traditional store front.

    “The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome New Mexico Women in Business and we’ll be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and boutique from 5:30-8 p.m., at H&R Block in Central Park  Square,” said Chamber Member Services Coordinator Katy Korkos.

  • Celebrating 10 years

    It’s been 10 years since Dr. Yushu Cheng first opened the doors to the Acupuncture Clinic and with an anniversary and a new year underway, Cheng is taking the opportunity to thank Los Alamos residents and wish them a Happy New Year.

    It’s been a busy 10 years for Cheng. “Every year we treat lots of different cases,” she said. “Mostly they are pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain (and) many different kinds of pain. Also we treat traumatology problems, internal medical disease, dermatology disease, genecology problems.”

  • Committee reviews final CIP applications

      The last in a series of meetings, during which Capital Improvement Projects applications were reviewed, was held on Friday night in Council Chambers. The committee appointed to review the applications heard presentations from sponsors on the last six applications.

      Applications reviewed on Friday night were as follows:

  • FRIED LIGHT: A failed state in the making