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  • Council given big kiosk presentation

    Visitors to the Atomic City will find navigating their way through the downtown area much easier this summer, if all goes according to plan.

    During Tuesday night’s county council meeting, Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation Executive Director Kevin Holsapple addressed the council, giving a PowerPoint presentation and a life-size cardboard example of what the kiosks would look like.

  • Home market depends on the locale

    “All real estate is local.” You’ve probably heard that somewhere – TV advertising, someone’s comment. But what does it mean? And, why should you care?

    On a simplistic level, it suggests you can’t determine market value of a home in one neighborhood simply by comparing it to similarly sized and featured homes in any other neighborhood, in any other community. One size – read price — does not fit all.

  • Gross Receipts Tax gets service providers twice

    Dear Editor,

    New Mexico is one of only eight states that charges a gross receipts tax, which would include services. All other states charge a sales tax on product only, with services being taxed as income; in the case of a sole proprietor, this is considered personal income.

    I lived, worked and did business in California for 22 years, during which time performance and teaching income was taxed as personal income, and any CD albums or books that I sold was subject to sales tax.

  • Pope’s condom statements taken out of context

    Dear Editor,

  • PRC: Quick indictments rendered in Block case

    Las Vegas Optic Managing Editor David Giuliani expressed surprise during an interview this morning at how quickly the grand jury indicted PRC Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. Wednesday.

    Giuliani and others testified before the District Court grand jury in Santa Fe March 25 regarding reports that Block Jr.  lied to newspaper reporters about his educational background, past arrests and other information.

  • X plus Y equals...?

    POJOAQUE — The 2009 Risk Symposium sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory and several partners wraps up today at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Pojoaque.

    The conference, which has become an annual affair, began Tuesday and brought together about 150 people from the risk community, including a substantial contingent from the Department of Homeland Security.

    Theoreticians and computer modelers in academia and national laboratories batted ideas back and forth with subject experts, decision makers and managers in government and private industry.

  • Charles Darwin’s story told from a different type of narrator

    Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Rosie, a rose chafer beetle, played an important part in Charles Darwin’s voyage of discovery. Author and paleoanthropologist Anne Weaver signs her new illustrated chapter book, “The Voyage of the Beetle,” at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Otowi Station Bookstore. Afterwards, Tea World will host a chat with Weaver and feature Dutch-treat snacks and drinks.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: Saying thanksee^

    The first time I spoke to Madonna Wegloski I walked into her office with a question, but we were soon joking around. We laughed about the lack of scenic views at the Monitor. I pointed out that all we see in the newsroom is the top strip of the building next door and Madonna joked that all she saw was the parking lot.  Most of my memories of Madonna are like this - short snippets of her life.

  • An ear for music

    Music that features every part of the orchestra, is new and familiar, and challenges and satisfies both the musician and the audience. These are the qualities in music that the music selection committee of the Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra uses in planning a program.

    These qualities are clearly and poignantly evident in the concert to be presented on April 17.

    The program will open with the “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Aaron Copland.  This piece for brass and percussion was composed in 1942.

  • LA shuts out Bernalillo on road

    BERNALILLO — This week is a critical week for the Los Alamos Hilltopper softball team in its quest to reach its stated goal of a district championship.

    With a huge doubleheader against the Española Valley Sundevils looming this weekend, Los Alamos faced the Bernalillo Spartans Wednesday in a big road contest. The Sundevils are the two-time defending District 2AAAA champions, while the Spartans feel like they could complicate the 2AAAA race if they get hot at the right time.