Today's News

  • Vandals cause serious damage

    Vandals stuffed paper towels into the sinks of the upstairs restrooms inside the 800 Trinity Building, turned the water on full blast and left the premises sometime Tuesday.

    The resulting devastation was discovered at 6 a.m. Wednesday by contract laborer Frank Tirre, who noticed water in the storage closet of Baskin Robbins.

    “I called the complex manager Ben Lujan and he told me to check the bathrooms,” Tirre said. “Water was everywhere.”

  • Public opinion mixed on bypass road

    The goal of Thursday’s transportation board meeting was to hear the latest alignment options for the West Jemez Road project, analyze the West Road study results, gather public comment and vote on a recommendation to take before county council.

    “Our function is to digest public comment and give that to council as part of our recommendation,” Chair Chal Spencer said. “We can’t make a recommendation tonight because we don’t have a quorum and council’s next meeting is before our board meets again.”

  • Biff! Bang! Pow! The revenge of the 'killer' Ts

    Partially hidden behind a writhing puff of dust that looked very much like a cartoon version of a fistfight, the killer T-cell did its job as the hit man of the immune system, knocking off an invading virus.

    Phew! The “killer” T – more formally known as the CD8+, a “killer” T lymphocyte – bumped off the little squirt before it could infiltrate a cell and pump out a million copies of itself.

  • Council set to review electric utility rates

    During the introduction of ordinances at Tuesday’s county council meeting, Utilities Manager Buck Monday will present Ordinance 02-095 pertaining to electric utility rates. Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman is set to request approval of the final design of the Central Avenue pedestrian crossings and streetscape project.

    Included in the consent agenda for council approval under a single motion, unless any item is withdrawn by a councilor for further consideration, is the certification of the canvassing committee results for last Tuesday’s primary election.

  • Tomatoes to blame

    The Food and Drug Administration has alerted consumers in New Mexico that a food poisoning outbreak has been linked to certain types of uncooked red tomatoes and products containing raw red tomatoes.

    According to the Center for Disease Control, reports of salmonella as a result of consuming these products have now come from nine other states – Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Illinois and Indiana.

  • Honoring traditions

    Shavu’ot is a harvest festival. It is a two-day holiday that falls seven weeks after the second night of Passover. In ancient Israel, it started with harvesting barley at Passover and before moving on to wheat at Shavu’ot. People would bring the first fruit of their fields to the Temple of Jerusalem.

  • Track and field: Meet results from KSC Elite club

    The local KSC Elite Track Club took some top honors in a pair of recent track and field events.

    The club team took four first place finishes at the AAT Meet, held May 18 at Eldorado High School in Albuquerque and grabbed four more top finishes at the Taylor Ranch Cougar Meet, which was held Sunday at Milne Stadium in Albuquerque.

    Raechele Lyon won both the 100 and 200 meter events at AAT, then won the 100 meters and finished second in the 200 meters at Taylor Ranch.

  • Young entrepreneur awarded

    Her love of arts and crafts and initiative to make some summer money paid off.

    Los Alamos High School graduate Sarah Seidel padded her college savings account Tuesday, after receiving a $1,000 scholarship from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation.

    Seidel wrote an essay describing her entrepreneurial endeavors to the organization, which encourages students to consider a career in small business.

  • Our View: 28 percent: Something to brag about?

    Officials are boasting of a high primary election turnout. Statewide that translates to a whopping 28 percent.

    Yes, 28 percent of registered voters actually going and casting a vote is something to brag about.

    And this is of registered voters – many citizens don’t even bother to register.

    A total of 543,615 Democrats and 354,272 Republicans were registered to vote in Tuesday’s primary election. Of that, about 138,000 Democrats voted, while some 111,000 Republicans went to the polls.

  • William "Bill" Pruett

    PRUETT - William “Bill” Pruett, 60, went to be with the Lord Saturday, May 31, 2008. Bill is survived by his wife of 36 years, Trisha; daughter, Kim Pruett; son Brian Pruett and wife Karen; granddaughter Hannah Grace; pal “Bonnie”; sister Judith Bateman and husband, Al of White Rock, N.M.; nephews Andrew and wife Lindsay, Jeff and wife Sheryl and niece, Elizabeth; and many other family and a score of friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, C.L. & Edna Pruett.