Today's News

  • Tracking the sputtering monsoon of 2009

    The on-again, off-again monsoon continued in August. Rainfall from Aug. 12-14 and Aug. 23 -24 was clearly associated with monsoon conditions; moisture flow from the south and heat-triggered convection.

    The rest of August was generally dry, although some mountain showers cropped up during the last few days of the month.

    Even with the last-minute boost, however, the rainfall total for the month was about half of normal in both Los Alamos and White Rock.

  • May 10, 2010 falls on a Monday

    Sept. 2, 1752 was a Wednesday. Adding fourteen days (two weeks), can you figure out what day of the week Sept. 16, 1752 was?

    Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. July 4 next year will be on a Sunday.

    If you own a perpetual calendar, you can look these dates up.

    But without having a calendar handy, could you determine on what day of the week Valentines Day falls next year? Or Christmas? Your birthday? Uh, okay ... how about Easter Sunday?

  • Trinity on the Hill celebrates new hall
  • UPDATE: Football, volleyball polls released

    The New Mexico High School Coaches Association released its first football and volleyball polls of the season Wednesday.

    The NMHSCA published the polls for the top 10 prep teams around the state.

    Both Los Alamos teams picked up votes in the weekly poll. Read today's Monitor to see how they fared!

  • Teaching dogs a few new tricks

    Los Alamos loves its dogs. Their faces are seen on computer desktops, their photos are preserved in glass frames and their images are printed on calendars.

    You can see them and their owners trotting down Los Alamos’ sidewalks or zooming around one of the townsite’s dog parks.

  • D'Agostino will stay at the helm of the nuclear weapons complex

    After months of hesitation and uncertainty, the White House announced today that Thomas D’Agostino will continue in his current role as an Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

    NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency under the Department of Energy responsible for the national nuclear complex that includes Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Lab finds error in health study

    A 10-year quest to resolve environmental issues related to historic releases of hazardous materials at Los Alamos National Laboratory is reaching a conclusion, but the conclusion may be that further study will be needed.

    The deadline for the comment period on the draft final report for the Center for Disease Control’s study ends Friday.

  • Letter: KRSN has been there for us

    KRSN has long been the voice of Los Alamos. It voices opinions, provides entertainment, brings us our football and basketball games, keeps the community in tune with itself, and most important it serves as a life line in times of emergency.

    For example, in the 50s, a little girl was lost in the woods after dark and patrols were everywhere looking for her. KRSN followed the search and when she was found, KRSN reported the good news and warned the community that the fire stations would sound their sirens to bring in all the patrols.

  • Letter: Thanks for supporting the Tour de Los Alamos

    Over 200 bicycle riders registered for the 37th annual Tour de Los Alamos bicycle race on Sunday, July 12, 2009 in Los Alamos, with approximately half the participants competing in the citizens one-lap event (28 miles), and half the participants competing in the licensed two-lap (56 miles) or three-lap event (84 miles).  

    The youngest participant in the entire event, 14-year-old Gabriel Intrator from Los Alamos, was also the overall winner of the Citizen’s Race.

  • Study shines a light on student success

    The National Council on Teacher Quality plans to release a comprehensive study related to New Mexico’s prospective teachers.


    The report is titled “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers: Are New Mexico’s education school graduates ready to teach reading and mathematics in elementary classrooms?”


    Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent Gene Schmidt said he knows a lot about the teacher preparation study and has conducted a study of his own.