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  • LANL may figure in spy case

    The mere fact that New Mexico has two national laboratories and several military installations places it high on the list of locations in which spies would want to keep a presence.

    It’s not yet clear if any of the 11 spies caught up in Monday’s FBI sweep are linked to Los Alamos or other areas in the state, but according to New Mexico FBI, it wouldn’t be surprising.

  • CIP budget sees $6 million surplus

    Los Alamos County will be able to pump more than $6 million back into the Capital Improvement Projects fund thanks to a high interest in and competition for project bids.

    Adding to the competition was the large number of construction projects available around the state, officials said.

    The excess funds were considered as part of Tuesday night’s County Council meeting held at the Community Building.  Councilors voted 6-0 (Councilor Vincent Chiravalle was absent) to approve the FY 2010 year-end budget revisions.

  • Obama should have asked for advice

    Your editorial of Sunday, June 20, prompts a reply. It is so unfortunate that President Obama has not sought your advice. Had he done so, many of our national problems would be saved by now, in particular the oil leak.

    Pat Blewett

    Los Alamos

  • Unsigned editorials not acceptable

    I find that recent unsigned and undocumented editorial comments to be more the rule than the exception in the Monitor these days.  Sunday, June 20, “The sinking of the presidency,” was unsigned and one-sided and may indicate the bias of the current Monitor editorial staff, while Wednesday, June 23, “Obama and Clinton: The best and brightest” was written by a Jeffry Gardner. Just who is Gardner, what are his credentials and why are such vitriolic and poorly written opinions allowed to be presented undocumented?

  • No to new taxes, yes to budget cuts

    America has a money crisis. Yes things are tight for governments now, things are tight for most families also.  In the real world where the ability to borrow money is limited and heavy debt carries a heavy cost, most will do the right thing and live within their means.  

    This means cutting spending and altering your lifestyle to your ability to pay for it.  Government feels it has an ace in the hole by their ability to tax. And tax they do!  They sometimes justify taxes by stating public health will improve as they have done with tobacco.

  • When governing becomes a circus

    None of our governments — national, state, local — was designed for expeditious and orderly action.   

    But when any of them becomes so disorderly as to resemble a circus you have to wonder.

    Briefly last week, key functionaries, civilian, military and judicial, in our national government had a great many people wondering if the circus hadn’t become a zoo.

  • Sports update

    Team of Spike Jones/Cale Jones wins scramble tourney

    The team of Spike Jones/Cale Jones won the 2-person flight in the Father-Son-Daughter tournament at Los Alamos Golf Course.

    The tournament was held on Father’s Day.

    Jones/Jones won the event with a combined gross score of 68, topping runners-up Greg Hanson/Pat Murphy. Mickey Kelly/Laura Kelly had a combined net score of 58 to take top net honors.

  • UPDATE: Ashton wins ACI qualifying round in playoff

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  • 06-22-10 Police Beat

    Police Beat items are compiled from public information contained in Los Alamos Police Department Records. Charges or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt.

    June 10

    4:38 p.m. – Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church reported that someone sprayed graffiti on the wall of the church. The estimated damage is unknown.

    6:30 p.m. — A 38-year-old Los Alamos woman reported that someone damaged the hood of her vehicle while it was parked at a residence in White Rock. The estimated loss is less than $1,000.

  • Light up the sky this Fourth of July with patriotism

    Los Alamos will be lit up full force on July 4 – not only through fireworks but with children’s parades, a 5K run and one big party at Overlook Park in White Rock.

    The patriotism in town will immediately start at with jog at the Los Alamos Family YMCA’s Independence Day Firecracker 5K Family Fun Run.